What I Want To Hear President Bush Say
     by Kathy Colton

My Fellow Americans.

It has come to my attention that I have been severely duped. I have
surrounded myself with people that have their own agenda that is not in the
interest of America. I am shocked that I could have been this blind...

I am guilty of following the advice of these so called 'protectors of freedom',
and I beg your forgiveness. They have been dismissed. Charges are pending,
the ACLU is on the case. Charges will be brought against me, for the Buck
Stops With the Commander in Chief, me. I can only try my best to right the
wrongs I have committed in the time I have left. I am humble before you.

I am your servant. I have come to realize the true agenda  that underlies the
purpose of every action these corrupt evildoers take. The PNAC is equal
to any terrorist organization out there. I can't thank you enough for waking
me up to that fact.

Tomorrow is a new day. I must undo the evils that I have made reality.
It will be a long hard slog, and I don't know if I can clean up the whole mess,
for the ripple effect of my actions are beyond my reach. With positive
progressive action, comes positive progressive ripples. It will take some
time. I might not be president a year from now, and I wouldn't blame you
for I have done the worst service to my country,

I Will Start Righting These Wrongs By Doing The Following:

Cancel the Patriot Act.

Bring our troops home and switch to UN undercover operations.

Stop looking for immunity against war crimes. We are the leaders of the
free world, and we must act with honor, respect and dignity.  It is a powerful
responsibility. If we commit heinous acts, we should be accountable.
That's what responsibility is.

Classify 'Skull and Crossbones' in the same category as KKK.

Release all non-violent marijuana users AND As of this moment, all action
will cease towards the persecution of sick and dying medical marijuana users.
The marijuana laws were made to control Mexicans and protect timber
interests... NOTHING to do with public safety.

The partial birth abortion issue is repealed. I will not infringe my views on
a decision so difficult to make. Women found to do this as a habit will get
counseling and education through planned parenthood. That's what they
are there for. Their funding has increased to handle the load.

I have 20 ships that can blow up the planet twice, what do I need all the
rest for ? As soon as I found out The Pentagon couldn't account for over a
trillion dollars, I had to put a stop to what was going on. With the war
machine's budget slashed, Everybody now has 100% health care covered.

Everybody who works will be paid a 'Living Wage'.

Since it is highly unlikely I will be elected again, I am donating my election
money raised to the families of the veterans who have been killed and injured
for the agenda of The PNAC.

I will no longer try to oust democratically elected governments.
My sincere apologies to Mr. Chavez in Venezuela.

Oh the list could go on and on, couldn't it ?

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