Subject:  Personally attacked by Tony Lauinger

 I just received a copy of the Oklahomans for Life Voter's Guide that was mailed out before
 the General Election. Well over 1/4 page of the six-page voter's guide was devoted to me.
 They published a post I made on a political web site promoting pro-choice candidates,
 and states "The postings, one dated 2-21-02, under the heading "Oklahoma Democratic Forum,"
 and the other, 7-6-02, under "tulsa demo," were from Lori Cain, who wrote: .... "

 Out of the six-page newsletter, I was the only non-candidate mentioned. Of course, they attacked
 "pro-abortion" candidates Doug Dodd, Laura Boyd, Drew Edmondson, and Brad Carson, but the
 candidates didn't get near the coverage or space devoted to them that I did.

 Any attorneys have any suggestions? Can we verify that this was paid for by their (c)4?
 I understand that I made these postings promoting pro-choice candidates on a public web site,
 but are my rights violated?  Any comments?

 For those of you who don't know, my company internet records were recently audited.
 The voter's guide article lists that I posted under an alias, which I did not. Their replications
 of my postings are accurate, but I did not use the aliases they suggest. Hmmm.

 If I weren't currently unemployed, I'd send the ACLU more money, but I did name them
 as a beneficiary in my will that I just prepared and signed today. Hopefully they won't collect
 any money for a while, but I'm getting really pissed off about losing my personal freedoms!

 Lori Cain

 I'm not too familiar with Oklahoma politics - I hate local politics.
 But Lori is a friend of mine and I hate to see a bully pick a fight.

 I did some checking and found out this Tony Lauinger does not have a reputation
 for publishing the truth in the propaganda pamplets he labels "Voter guides."

 Where did I get my information that Tony Lauinger can't be trusted?

 From Tulsa's "Mr. GOP"

Can Voters Trust Tony Lauinger Surveys?

 This is a follow-up on an earlier campaign story where Oklahomans For Life, Inc. State Chairman
 Tony Lauinger "interpreted" Tim Green's answer to be "NO" when the written answer was clearly checked "YES."

 Al Mertens, former candidate for Oklahoma State House District 99 and current vice-chair for the
 Oklahoma Minority Republican Coalition said Lauinger, "refused to help my campaign in any way in 2000
 because he said that Opio Toure had been 'helpful' in getting things out of committee in the past."

 Why favor the pro-choice Toure over Al Mertens, a pro-life Catholic?
 Good Question.

 Ted King, writer for the Oklahoma Constitution newspaper pointed out that Lauinger did the same thing
 in 1984 when State Senator "Jerry Pierce, from Bartlesville, gave the maximum pro-life answer on the
 survey and Tony's school alum from Cascia Hall Frank Keating got the Oklahomans For Life nod."

 King also said, "I had a personal conversation with Lauinger after Keating was elected.
 He was 'giddy' about Keating's election victory.

 When I asked what Keating was going to do about right to life?
 He said, "I don't know."

 Thanks to Tulsa's Mr GOP for this article

 You can reach Lori at

 She was recently fired from her job for "using her computer for personal and political reasons."
 We suspect Steve Largent had a hand in her firing.

 Below is Lori's resume.
 If you're in a position to offer her employment, please consider interviewing her.

 Lori Cain


 I am experienced in all phases necessary to create various types of marketing materials, including sales
 literature, advertisements, technical manuals, newsletters, press releases, direct mail, trade show graphics and
 web pages. My marketing, publishing and communication skills have been enhanced through usage of various
 microcomputer software programs and applications, including Quark, PhotoShop, Microsoft products, Adobe
 GoLive and others. I am able to write in html, xhtml and some java code. My marketing experience is varied and
 demonstrates my ability to adapt to a new field or product.

 Special skills and expertise include:

  ·         Develops, writes, layout and produces printed material as needed, including technical product bulletins,
            newsletters and training manuals.

  ·         Manages day to day maintenance and graphic design of the company's external web site and web-based
            interactive presentation that accurately and creatively conveys corporate message.

  ·         Recommends and implements measurement, tracking, design and advertising tools and technologies.
            Monitors web server and web page performance, utilization and capacity.

  ·         Develops eDM (Electronic Direct Mail) Program, including development of communication vehicle in html
            format, management of database and third-party software to automatically send to numerous e-mail
           addresses, both internally and externally.

 ·         Evaluates and recommends paid web advertising and interactive media buying.

 ·         Strong knowledge of HTML, DHTML, HTML editors, general web management tools and understanding
           of web-based technologies.

          Solid work history. Bachelor's degree in Marketing. Full resume and references upon request.

 Let's get even with Steve Largent and his vengeful goons.
 Let's get Lori a job.

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