Musings from the Heartland
                          by Richard L. Fricker

                              Congressman John Sullivan (R-Dimwhit) wants to save Americans from Canadian
                      pharmacies. Why would Johnny want to save Americans from Canadian pharmacies
                      then watch them wasted in Iraq? Could it be Johnny got $15,000 from Wal-Mart, one
                      of the nations leading pharmacy chains?
                              Johnny has never denied being stupid. Nor, has he ever denied being bought
                      and paid for by purveyors of death and destruction.
                              Sullivan’s Federal Election Commission filings ( show some really
                      neat stuff. For example, being the Republican Reptile Oklahoma’s First District loves
                      to elect, Sullivan has taken tons of corporate and pac money from oil and gas interest
                      and connivance stores LOOOVVVEE Sullivan.
                              Why would a Stop and Shop, Toot n’Tell, type of association want to shower
                      something like Sullivan with green motivational certificates? Simple. What do
                      convenience stores sell: cigarettes, gas and beer. Certainly the promotion of these items
                      do in fact provide the makings of a “family values” Congressman.
                              Thus, it comes as no surprise that Wal Mart, knowing a bargain when they
                      see one, ponied up fifteen “G’s” to the kid in the political hot pants and
                      high heels from Tulsa.
                              No fool Johnny, he slapped on some lip gloss, tightened his knee pads and
                      found a well lit street corner in Washington D.C. From our nation’s capital
                      he has supported what ever the money allowed.
                              Sullivan has supported Bush’s war and the killing of Iraqi civilians,
                      secret prisons and torture at the hands of our allies in the Middle East.
                              Lately he has been warning Americans about the dangers of Canadian drugs.
                      Sullivan told a crowd of onlookers, supporters maybe, but even the Republicans
                      view him as a joke----an elect-able joke, but a joke nonetheless--not unlike the
                      fellow he replaced, Steve Largent, too stupid to be dangerous but stupid enough
                      to do what he’s told, that buying drugs from Canada was supporting organized crime.
                              While he didn’t have any proof, he did have a lot of Wal Mart money in his
                      pocket. As recently exposed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service
                      Wal Mart was making a lot of money hiring illegal aliens, and paying them
                      next to nothing. What did Wal Mart do with the money they saved (stole)
                      from their illegal labor? They went to K-Mart and brought a Congressman.
                              It is curious, the Food and Drug Administration chose Tulsa, and RxDepot to
                      hit with a lawsuit about filling prescriptions in Canada. Now they could have done
                      that in Arkansas, but perhaps that would be too obvious.
                              It is also curious that Wal Mart made it’s last payment---oops!!
                      Contribution to Sullivan about the same time as the FDA hammer fell on Rx.
                      Equally curious is the fact that Sullivan made his speech about organized
                      crime and Canadian prescriptions while Rx and the FDA were fighting it
                      out in federal court in Tulsa.

                              So, we have a family value Republican Congressman who:
                              1. Supports a president who lies in order to send the nation to war.
                              2. Supports the actions of that war including killing non-combatant women
                      and children by not speaking out against atrocities committed by our government.
                              3. Supports secret prisons on foreign soil.
                              4. Supports giving billions of dollars to a single corporation with no taxpayer oversight.
                              5. Is against abortion, but is willing to see young Americans killed in Iraq in order to
                      support the lies and deceptions of a coward. Bringing in to question: If the life of the fetus
                      is sacred, what happened when they turned eighteen and it was alright to send them to be
                      killed….what happened to sacred?
                              6. Takes tens of thousands of dollars from tobacco companies and those who sell tobacco.
                      What happened to the sanctity of life? Save the fetus so it can buy cigarettes, get lung cancer
                      and heart disease, then die because it can’t get medical care.
                              7. Takes thousands of dollars from alcohol distributors and purveyors.
                      Not that there is anything wrong with a drink from time to time, but beer,
                      cigarettes, war, death, are these family values?
                              8. Takes money for one of the largest pharmacy chains and then fights
                      against Americans being able to buy the same quality drugs at a lower
                      price---even local governments are willing to include these purchases on
                      their health plans. Whatever happened to the Republican market place economy?
                               In fact, here’s what the U.S. Department of State has to say about Canadian pharmacies:

                              In general, pharmacies in Canada are very reliable. That is, they dispense
                      the proper medications and the drugs themselves are of a high quality. The
                      pharmacists themselves are trained professionals with degrees in their field.
                      Pharmacies can be used for all of you prescription and over-the-counter drug needs.
                      There are several well-known chains of pharmacies in Canada that are reliable, these
                      include Pharmasave and Shoppers Drug Mart It is also advisable to carry extra prescription
                      sheets written by your doctor (with the generic names) in case you need refills during your
                      trip and to show at customs as proof of the medication's identity and necessity
                      Updated: 06/07/2001


                              Thus the profile of a Republican Congressman. He does not care who gets
                      killed, as long as his contributors make a profit. He does not care how his
                      constituency goes broke, as long as the money finds it way to Wal Mart or
                      other such corporation.
                              And lastly, right to lifers, he doesn’t really care about the fetus, except
                      that it’s a potential customer for the poisons sold by contributors or fodder for
                      the next geo-economic war waged by the GOP.


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