From: Dick Matthews

 Subject: Tax cuts are only for the rich?


 I have tried to have discussions with you in the past and they have been mildly successful.
 I don't read your site everyday, but get here quite often.

 Many articles, e-mails, yourself opine that tax cuts only benefit the rich.

 Yes, that's true.

 Well I respectfully disagree and would like to have a discussion with you about this.

 Cool, I'm ready.

 There is a document on Rush's site from the IRS, Statistics of Income Division.
 I would suggest you take a look. This document shows the distribution of taxes
 pay by income earners from 1986-2000.

 In a nutshell, the top 50% of wage earners paid 96% of all taxes for the year 2000.
 The adjusted gross income at the 50% break is $27,682.  A quick calculation will show
 that those wage earners below this income paid 4% all taxes.

 My question is who is the rich? Is it the top 1% that paid more than 37% of all taxes,
 or the top 5% that paid more than 56%, or is it all those in the top 50%?
 Using a little logic, it appears to me those who paid the taxes should get the cuts.
 And those who paid the most taxes will obviously get most in cuts.

 Please let me know your thoughts in reference to these stats.

 Dick Mathews

 Dick, is this a gag?
 Let me clear things up for you:   That's all horseshit.

 I don't mind you being a Republican, but please don't ever look to the truth-molesting,
 vulgar Pigboy when you're trying to bolster your argument in a debate.

 There are two kinds of people who want people like Bill Gates to have a tax break:

 1. People like Bill Gates
 2. People who've been fooled by gazillionaire whores like Rush.

 The only possible reason you could want Bill Gates to have more money is if you
 were hung up on the issue of "fairness."

 Do you really think the richest one percent of Americans need your help?
 Do you really think the richest one percent of Americans need "fairness?"

 If this is about "fairness," let me ask you - are you a volunteer for charity?
 If this is about "fairness," why aren't you helping people that aren't super rich?

 Think how many kids lost a parent or two in the World Trade Center.
 Did your "fairness," compel you to search them out and give them some money
 or maybe become a Big Brother to a child who lost his Dad?

 THAT would be an example of "fairness," because it's not fair that Bush's bungling
 in the Taliban blackmail scheme should cost this kid his dad.

 I think we've established that "fairness," is not your motive.
 It would not only be a horribly-bad example of "fairness" for you
 to try so hard to give Gates more money, it's insanity run amuck!

 So if "fairness" is not your issue - what is?

 Why would you spend time and energy trying to give Bill Gates more money?
 Are you crazy?

 If Gates pays less taxes, then you and I pay more taxes OR we cut services.
 Please list for me the services you want cut, and your reasons.

 You want fewer ambulances?
 You want fewer policemen on the beat?
 You want fewer F-16's keeping our skies safe?
 You want fewer meat inspectors?
 You want fewer FAA inspectors checking on airline security?
 You want fewer payments made to disabled veterans?
 You want fewer lunches serves to kids who may only get one hot meal a day?

 Rush has done well with you, my friend.
 He has convinced you that Bill Gates can't make it without Dick Matthew's help.

 (You're not Catholic, are you?)

 What kind of grip on reality can you have that you'd believe the lies of a whore
 who makes $30,000,000 a year, that Bill Gates needs help from Dick Matthews?

 Tell me you don't have kids - please!

 Of course, I welcome your rebuttal, but don't quote the Nazi Gasbag about how
 awful it is to be a multi-billionaire in today's America.

 In closing, (applause) Clinton raised taxes on the top 1.5 percent richest people.
 We got a giant surplus and the best economy of all time from that.

 Dim Son comes along, gives his contributors the Social Security surplus (see main page)
 and America dives into an economic tailspin ...and Dick Matthews wants to help Bill Gates?

 I checked the calendar, it's not April Fool's day, so I can only guess at your motives.
 But the next time you feel like being "fair," ask yourself if Bill Gates needs your help more
 than those kids in New York who were orphaned because Bush needed a ratings boost..

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