Subject: join discussions

I would love to participate in the next chat with Julie. Is this possible?
I'm registered as (withheld) on your forum.


PS  I'm a life long Yankee fan. I hope that won't disqualify me

Bill, great question, and no, being a Yankee fan won't keep you out.
The way I understand it, there are two problems with the chat room.
1. If everybody shows up, and by everybody I mean more than 50-60
    people at a time, it becomes impossible to have a conversation.
    If a hundred people show up, which has happened before,
    the system crashes and nobody can talk to anybody.
2. When the ditto-monkeys show up, they aren't interested in debate
    or conversation - their only purpose is to disrupt and insult the others.

I came up with a plan in the last few minutes that is not well-thought out.
This may come off as blatant money-grubbing, but if the money's not for me
maybe it'll sound a little better.

If someone were to send a check made out to Julie Hiatt Steele,
they should be allowed access into the chat room, I would think.
Let's say someone sends $25. I doubt a ditto-monkey would spend
$25 for the "privilege" of calling Julie some nasty names. If I'm wrong,
she's a big girl and has heard all those words before, but there surely
wouldn't be a lot of DM's willing to spend that money, right?

Like I said, this is just a fleeting thought, and money isn't the end-all
to everything, but it solves the DM problem and it also gives a reader
a chance, if they wanted, to "speak" with JH Steele.

Readers have written to Julie at
and received very nice personal replies from her. You can write to her for free.

Maybe this is a good idea, maybe it's not.
My good idea/bad idea ratio runs about 1/4 it seems, but if I had $25 and I
really wanted to see what the chat room buzz was about, I'd spend the money.

If a lot of people send $25, surely we can work out something where Julie
can have a regular Wednesday night chat room of her own, for example.
Let me know what you think.

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