FOX Watch
 Roger (Ailes) and Me
  by Jeff Koopersmith

Nov. 12, 2001 -- NEW YORK (APJP) -- The thin-skinned little man just doesn't get it.

But I'm sure you will.

What follows is an e-mail exchange between me and Roger Ailes, head cheese, head of the FOX News Channel, and stealth propaganda minister for the very worst right-wing fascist, racist, gay-hating, poor-stomping element of the Republican Party -- an exchange which culminates with the porcine coward threatening to sic the cops on me.

Had Roger actually bothered to do a little homework rather than fire off knee-jerk, cheap-shot responses from his Blackberry wireless device (probably over his fourth drink of the hour while stuffing himself to fill his own emptiness), he would have learned that I have worked as an advisor and lobbyist for the largest police forces in the nation, that I am a Republican and a Republican Eagle, and that I only asked him to change his ways and stop prostituting himself to the RNC Gestapo that briefs him and his staff every day (marching orders?).

His threat reveals in chilling detail the psychological pathology of an authoritarian propagandist: when someone dares make cutting and fully justified criticisms, it's time to unleash law enforcement on them and "shut them down" for daring to speak the truth.

Here is the exchange between (with apologies to Michael Moore) Roger and me.

- - - - -

--From: Jeff Koopersmith
--To: Roger Ailes
--Dear Roger:

How does it feel to head the most outrageous, imbalanced news network on the air? You are a liar, a glutton, an ugly man through and through. Fair and balanced my ass. Who are the three chimps you put on in the morning. On the Net they're called The Fool, The White Trash Hooker and the Chimp. Now we find that idiot Wall Street goofball Neil Cavuto transmorph himself into a sociological commentator, an expert on guerilla war and so much more it makes people puke. Your graphics, so highly touted - by you - in that snaky New York Times Magazine piece are revolting - much as you are. I've had the displeasure of sitting next to you at lunch and your table manners made me gag. Let's not forget THE GHOUL - the blonde idiot who made his infamous reputation on the back of OJ Simpson. Then there is the other genius Bill O'Reilly who is booed off stages left and right and pretends he is loved.

The man, like you, is an outrageous self-congratulating idiot who appeals to the Fox News audience - US Trailer Park Trash who buy that lies you spew 24 /7. There isn't a television talk show around that doesn't use FOX NEWS as its whipping boy - and it isn't - my fat ugly friend - because your ratings are so high, it's because you are a laughing stock and your Reichsmarshal Moody is ever a bigger joke. You are universally hated by anyone with an IQ over 125. These people see you for what you are - a whore for the RNC and the Bush Baby; a warmonger, a Hitlerian personality who could care less how he helps the misguided young Turks of the Gingrich Class to dumb down America and inject venom into all of their thoughts.

You, my friend, are a cancer on this nation. What's next? You already allow your team of dwarf-minded "new" people and pseudo-journalists to put down gays, Blacks and any other minority you can find. You hustle the world with your brand of sick humor. You parade dozens of self-proclaimed experts into your studios like the lunatic [David] Hackworth who looks more feminine that macho and instructs our people about things he knows nothing of.

The worst thing is that you know you're doing this. I know you are a smart and cunning man. I know that you take your
orders from the gimp-minded Murdoch who ought to be expelled from the country along with his idiot children for lying
about his background not only to the INS but to Congress itself. He bought his way into the USA - but he won't be able
to buy his way out.

You've taken a formidable talent and a piercing mind and turned it against your own people, against your own nation.
Why? For money? Or is for power like Himmler?   Of course your numbers are great. This country is largely populated
by sheep with terrible educations and even more suspect lifestyles. It is they who watch you. It is they who listen to
your partner in crime Rush Limbaugh.

And speaking of Rush, lets talk a bit about the high school dropout Sean Hannity. His appearance nightly are retching.
The little neo-Nazi, plastic estate-living, pimp suit wearing creep also appeals to these slobs doesn't he? Hannity is a
disgrace, as a commentator and as a human being. He is a clawer, scratching his way to what he sees as the top.
He's almost there, but he'll never make it because there isn't a thing that is not phony about him or gentle about him.
He is a lizard amongst men.

I also note that you are attempting to rejuvenate the reputations of some this nation's most despicable characters.
Newt Gingrich, a whoring little plotter, a man unworthy of most people's spit, a man who single-handedly erased the
love of the 60s and 70s and turned it into hate, bigotry, and a total lack of concern for anyone but the richest of us.
Then there's Oliver North - a felon by any definition. How dare you parade this creep around as some national hero
- the guy killed thousands of people in Central America and also our kids with his little CIA drug deals. Oh, and then
I see the other felon - the insane and now broken hulk of a liar Cap Weinberger.  Jesus, have you no shame?
Not even an ounce? Let's not forget the cameo appearances for adulterer in chief Henry Hyde who used to beat up
Cheri Snodgrass's husband from his putrid Chicago love nest. The man still weeps about her loss. Gosh - why don't
you resurrect all your adulterous buddies that served on the House Judiciary Committee with that piece of crap Hyde
- Colonel Klink, disguised as Colonel Sanders. Bring on some more felons Ailes.

It will make it all the easier to take your FCC license next time out.

Check out this article that appeared in American Politics Journal a few months ago. I think it says it best. And prepare
yourself for a most dreaded set of appearances before the Democrat-controlled House and Senate examining
FOX NEWS' ability to conform to the laws of this nation. It ought to be quite entertaining.


- - - - -

--From: Roger Ailes
--To: Jeff Koopersmith
--I guess you should stop watching,. Idiot.

- - - - -

--From: Jeff Koopersmith
--To: Roger Ailes
--I couldn't do that because:

1. We are preparing a case against FOX NEWS,

2. Your Fair & Balanced News is a riot - don't you know that half your audience watches because they hate your network and are entertained or should I say amused by its LACK of content. This is what Limbaugh discovered while you worked for him.

3. I don't watch it live - we watch on tape which we are cutting for the FCC - of course in a fair and balanced manner.

- - - - -

--From: Jeff Koopersmith
--To: Roger Ailes
--Let me add one more thing you asshole. First - my IQ is over 200 - what's yours?

Second, if you had a brain you could program FOX NEWS to take at least another 20-25% of its viewership. What you
have to do of course is continue the circus "atmosphere" of your "NEWS" - but pull the same crap on the Reeps as you
do on the GOP. Then you actually win a bunch of Emmys - real ones, not the ones Murdoch buys. You are doing a
disservice to all your on-air, and support people. They will be labeled forever as hacks long after you croak you old
ugly fart. Sit down with that clown Moody and work it out. I'll back what I say with a million bucks in your pocket
if it doesn't work in 6-8 months. I've won dozens of Cine Golden Eagles and other film and broadcast awards - as well
as respect, which you will never have until you stop lying to the people. So fess up fatso and do something about it
or Seedy Donahoe will have to stop shopping at Wal-Mart and drop down a couple of levels to the "Dollar Store."

- - - - -

--From: Roger Ailes
--To: Jeff Koopersmith
--For a high IQ you have a limited and low class vocabulary. Good luck on your lawsuit the FCC does not regulate
content. Even marginal idiots have heard of freedom of the press. You must be a real idiot. Now I'm tired of you.
Goodbye. You're so dumb you'll probably write again.

- - - - -

--From: Jeff Koopersmith
--To: Roger Ailes
--Check with you lawyer Rodge. You will discover that your license can be contested successfully - particularly when
you are in res ipsa loquitor and prima facie fact supporting the Republican Party using the extensive budget of your
news "operation." That is criminally indictable as well, by the by.

And yes, I am obtuse enough to write you yet another time, for the reason that deep down in that slug-like body and that adipose appalling face, misshapen by hatred, gluttony and greed, there may yet be an unpretentious boy - or conceivably an ingénue, who may possibly feel a modicum culpability over what he is helping to create in this Republic - An America filled
with right wing murderous thugs whose only interests are spiteful cuts for aid to the poor or hopeless; earning (or stealing),
even now, more riches; and giving a standing ovation in salute to tax cuts for the rich while 40 million American kids go
without even basic healthcare, not to mention another billion kids who are in even more critical shape around the world.

You are hypocrite my friend, and hypocrites always fall from grace, especially when they reach their personal summits from deceitfulness. We already have more than a dozen RNC operatives who have "left the fold" and will testify to your cooperation with the tactics I describe. We also have the steadfastness to push a Senate investigation of your violation of every campaign finance law on the books. You are, in essence, laundering money - the money of your advertisers - to foist propaganda on the American people, including the American voter. And, Mr. Genius, you might want to take a look at the opinions of the Supreme Court on the issue of "free speech" as they pertain to illegal or even questionable activity in this specific arena
- The very issue you hide behind, much as Hitler hid behind the hatred for Jews he created in Germany.

You, in the vernacular, could give a rat's ass about free speech. You are purveyor of "paid-for speech." Paid for in full.

Does it not occur to you Mr. Ailes that not all Americans are as stupid as you wish they were and that hundreds of the most powerful thinking Americans are after your licenses, and that you and FOX NEWS are the underpinning of every example of what yellow journalism and out-and-out deception by news organizations is?

You made a mistake with Clinton and Condit, you are making a mistake now with O'Reilly. O'Reilly, seemingly an accomplished liar himself, is already under investigation by the very men and women he attacks as well as the people he
vainly tries to embrace. Like Machiavelli's Prince - he is deluded beyond reason and of course, as a student of history
yourself, you know how O'Reilly will end - back in Levittown where he will fell far more comfortable.

The Geraldo move was good, by the way. But it will bite you in jugular, quickly and with no notice.

All that aside - what of the innocents you have working at your shop? That includes most of them.
Young men and women who need a good job, but do not realize that in the end their careers will be ruined
or attenuated by who they worked for - you.

One only need look at Gingrich's classes of '94 and '96 to see what can happen to over-charged libidinous men with
murder on their minds. To a man those men are relegated to the 'dustbin of history,' as Rep. Lantos has offered so
many times during the past decade.

You adopt the "Big Lie" theory of propaganda. You know about that theory don't you? It was the lynchpin of Hitler's war against his own people. You know that if the lie is big enough and stunning enough it will be believed, for who could invent
such a story? FOX NEWS and Roger Ailes are the epitome of The Big Lie, almost as if you read Mein Kampf every
night before retiring your bulk into what I assume is a luxuriously large bed.

Rest assured, we will prove before Congress, and at the White House - which by the way is not very happy with you either - exactly what you are, and what you have done.

Then you too, if you don't change your ways - may end up in that same dustbin. Forgotten and denied.

I wouldn't wish that even on you.

After all, you do have a genius of a kind as well. It is a shame you have used it for such evil for nearly your entire career.

- - - - -

--From: Jeff Koopersmith
--To: Roger Ailes
--As an aside Roger, I used a limited vocabulary because I am aware, from your pals, that vocabulary is rather limited
as well - and comparable to Dick Nixon's in character. Please forgive me. There is no lawsuit, and no issue about
freedom of the press. I will write you to clarify this later.

Now, I want to offer something up for your personal erudition:

People who use the word "class" or "low class" as you have in reference to me belie any misconception that they,
the accuser, are well-bred, well-educated prep school boys. With all humility, I might suggest you use another term
to relegate people to a certain socioeconomic "slots" which you hope they belong to. You also used the word "idiot"
twice in your little note. You should expand your own vocabulary. There are many, many words that mean much the
same as idiot. For instance - Fool, moron, dumbbell - as in George DumbbellYou Bush.

I do like the line "I am tired of you." You sound just the part as a fat pompous loser who eats and drinks himself
to death out of guilt. "I am tired of you." Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - Is that something like "Let them eat cake."

God, you're worse than I thought.

- - - - -

--From: Roger Ailes
--To: Jeff Koopersmith
--I think you are the one filled with hate. If you are not a coward please list your name address and phone number.
Since your letters are filled with threats, I've turned them all over to law enforcement. End of communication.

- - - - -

--From: Roger Ailes
--To: Jeff Koopersmith
--Goodbye idiot.

- - - - -

--From: Jeff Koopersmith
--To: Roger Ailes

I have never threatened you and never would.

Unlike you, I don't believe in threats or lies. You may be a pariah, but not worth much beyond attempting to
convince you to turn over a new leaf. If you have "turned them all over to law enforcement" you are far sillier
than you appear. I would be glad to speak with them or you at any time.

My name is Jeff Koopersmith - which you should have known already. I would be glad to give "law enforcement"
my address should they wish to speak to me about these "Threats." You do know, don't you that filing false or
malicious reports with police agencies is a crime don't you?

I went to law school Roger, and was on law review.

I have also represented tens of thousands of policeman throughout my career.
I am a member of the Reagan Inner Circle. I am a Republican Eagle.
I am the best example of a true Republican who loathes your yellow journalistic style and is working hard
to purge our party and its leadership of such hate-filled people.

My firm is the largest internet-based research firm in the world with opt-in opinions from 35 million American
families with between 350 and 6,000 self-reported data points on each.

Please have the police call me, at your leisure of course.

Please tell your "law enforcement" I am available at any time for an in-person interview.

Haven't you checked the Internet at all? Everything you write and I write to you is public knowledge - freedom
of speech you know.

If you had any sense you would have simply looked me up the Net.


- - - - -

--From: Roger Ailes
--To: Jeff Koopersmith
--You are a very sick puppy. If you have a psychiatrist, fire him, it's not working.
Thanks for the information.

- - - - -

--From: Jeff Koopersmith
--To: Roger Ailes
--Why would you call me a sick puppy Roger. Because I dare to suggest to you that you are hurting our country with
your pap? I don't have a psychiatrist, but if you think it's best, I'll make an appointment with yours. Let's see if he or she
thinks that asking an old fool like you who is manipulating John and Jane Doe with outrageous propaganda disguised as
truth is sick. You know, only people who are truly mentally ill - people I am sure you sneer at - would be bothered by this, your latest gaff. Me, I'm not.

I do understand why you might feel that another human being asking you to hang up your propaganda shoes is a "very sick puppy." But then, you supported the national guard murdering those kids at Kent State didn't you?  Would you call that
being a sick puppy? I'm not sure. I do realize that men of your age are wedded to the philosophy that might makes right.
So I can't blame you for your support there, your hatred for Jane Fonda and others who, although perhaps misguided,
were merely trying to stop Johnson from feeding more of our classmates to his personal meat grinder - a meat grinder
continued during your leadership was it not? I can't really remember.

Again Roger, all I am asking is that you reconsider your editorial - No not even your editorial bent - actually all I ask is
that you follow it. For instance - when you attack Condit, why not balance that with Henry Hyde and Cheri Snodgrass?
Or with several members of Newt's brat pack caught in the same circumstance - including the beloved Bob Livingston
- the very temporary Speaker of the House who also resigned in disgrace. Or perhaps you could use Tom DeLay and
his forays to Mexico with Newt and Newt's House American Express card. Oh yes, we have that too - we are friendly
with Marianne Gingrich. Remember her - the one Newt filed on while she was in hospital with cancer?

You see, all I ask is for TRUE fair and balanced news. Even Matt Drudge, that weasel, has my respect for defying you - although not in the way he should have. Matt wanted to show an aborted fetus - wasn't it - and you fired him for it.
Gee. Isn't that strange?

Roger - you are planting hate and now you are making us reap that hatred.

You can't continue doing this. It would be far better to quit it while you are ahead and leave a real legacy
- one that might be remembered, not one that is scoffed at.

Best regards,


- - - - -

--From: Jeff Koopersmith
--To: Roger Ailes
--By the way - What is your phone number? I wouldn't ask for your address because I would have no use for it.
But I would talk with you any time. Why did you ask for mine - do you think the SWAT team will be surrounding
me sometime soon!

You know Roger, your use of the Blackberry to e-mail other journalists with your diatribes, insults and threats are
all in our possession as well. I can't wait to show them to the police - and to have them interview Paula Zahn,
and others which only you and I know about.

Also: I must say I love your sentences like:

"End of communication."

And your last one:

"Goodbye Idiot."

Our readers will love them too. Please write some more. We can use it for our special sections.

Best regards,


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