Plane Crash Questions
   by Michael Lordi

 I am completely convinced that the crash of Flight 587 was NOT accidental.
 In fact, I said since 5 minutes after it went down here in NYC (where I work)
 that this was some sort of attack.  However, the governement is cramming
 "accident" down our throats since 2 minutes after the crash.

 However, when Flight 800 went down in the same area (which I think
 was shot down), it took them over a year to come up with a cause.
 They hadn't even LOOKED at the plane yet and were declaring it an accident.
 The following is a list of reports which is suposedly why the
 govenrment wants us to believe it was an accident:
 1.  No other voices in the cockpit
 2.  No Arab passengers
 THAT'S IT!!  Yes folks terrorists ONLY hijack planes nowadays, they don't
 put bombs on them or fire missiles at them....NO!
If there are no arabs on board, it CAN'T be a terrorist attack......
 So they are ruling out the following without any look at the evidence:
 1.  A Bomb
 2.  A missile fired from the bay a few miles away (rockets have 5 mile range),
      and terrorist could get away without anyone noticing
 3.  A mechanic or other person loosening engine parts during the overhaul the day before
 Our government has chosen to declare this an accident to ensure the public doesn't
 cancel its Thanksgiving plans and Christmas plans.  This way, the stock market
 doesn't crash, the planes keep flying, the American people don't panic, and Bush isn't
 blamed for an intelligence gap.  What a coincidence that the "INDESTRUCTIBLE"
 black box is damaged!  Now they can't say for 100% WHAT IT WAS!!!
 If the black box showed no indication of engine problems, that blows their BS theory fed
 to the US people out of the water!  Now they can claim anything they want, and the whore press
 will spoon feed the American people whatever theory Bush wants them to!
 As if an engine falling off a plane "by accident" is supposed to make me
 feel better?  I was going to fly to Florida to visit my parents in March,
 but I have already cancelled.  Sorry guys, but that is 5 planes in 2 months.
(A concerned NY'er)

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