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Volume 1116 - 'History will forgive us'

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 Friday    July 18, 2003    VCR Alert - Greg Palast on Hardball tonight. MSGOP at 7.00pm, 9.00pm and 2.00am Sat morning.


"Another soldier was killed Wednesday in an attack on a convoy in Baghdad, bringing the number
  of American  battle  deaths in Iraqi to 148 surpassing the 147 killed in Dad's 1991 War."
    --The soulless bastards at CNN, continuing to cover for Bush no matter what the price    U.S. soldier killed

 While not technically a lie, CNN is doing all they can to pretend there aren't 224 dead Americans.
 By qualifying the deaths as "battle deaths," CNN wants America to continue to tolerate this war
 because, after all, "only" 147 men have died, right?

 Lying bastards, refusing to tell the whole truth because Mr Rove needs a war he can manage.

 By the way, how did those other 76 men die?
 Car accidents?
 Can 76 men die in car accidents?

"They weren't drafted, they knew there were risks...
 ...and if any of them go AWOL or desert, I'll have them shot on sight."

 Bush's pet poodle visits DC
  Prasies his master's "responsible leadership" in murdering Baghdad

  Click  Here

"Bush and his pet poodle Tony Blair contend they won't be proved wrong in their prewar claims
 about Iraq's weapons capabilities. Even if they are, says Blair, a menace has been defeated.

 ha ha

 We're dead certain that we're right about the need for 224 Americans to die in Iraq, but even if
 we're not, who cares? At least Bush got to play with Clinton's military and cluster bomb a city of 5 million.

 If Bush's goal was to free enslaved people and topple a murderous dictator,
 why didn't he take out Castro, who's only ninety miles away?

 Oh, that's right.
 Cuba doesn't have any oil.

 Nothing Left To Lie About
 With BushCo reaming the nation on just about
 every possible front, is implosion imminent?

  Click  Here

 It's almost as if you should cheer the invidiousness, it is so spectacular, unprecedented,
 the tower of lies reaching the point where you, Jaded and Benumbed American Citizen,
 are forced to either recoil and ignore and deny, succumb and scream and laugh, or, like
 Bush himself, just sort of stand there, wide eyed, dumfounded, blinking hard, looking more
 blank and confused than ever, as the unified BushCo front begins to gloriously unravel.


"It should not have risen to President Bush's level..."
  -- Fork Tongue Ari, explaining to Dave why Bush's invasion justifications were bogus

 Wait, did Ari say there was something on this planet that shouldn't rise to Bush's level?
 Bush's intelligence is lower than Death Valley.

 Everything has a higher elevation than Bush's intelligence.

Kucinich slings President Frog killer

  Bush's pet media refuses to report the facts about this lawsuit
 Is Bush guilty of sexual assault?
  The woman who claims Smirk raped her says, "Yes, he is."

  Click  Here

 Not even scandal sheets like the National Enquirer will report on this lawsuit, to my knowledge, although they cover
 the latest allegations about Clinton and other Democrats. Hell, I once read a story in one of those scandal sheets that
 said Clinton was dating a woman with three breasts. And they can’t find the space to mention a sexual assault lawsuit
 against our latest White House occupant?

 If Schoedinger had filed a lawsuit against Clinton, do you think the story would be at least mentioned in every
 U.S. media outlet from Maine to Hawaii to Alaska to Florida? I’d bet my mortgage on it.

 Can you say mainstream media double standard, once again?

 Wait, let me get this straight:

 After CIA head George Tenet says he's responsible for the bogus info in Bush's speech,
 Blair says everything was true and the British government stands firmly behind it.

 Tenet and Blair can't both be right.
 Tenet says it's bogus, Bush's poodle says it's real.

 Which one is lying, or are they both lying?

 I am so jealous of the Republican Party.
 When the GOP president needed his party in a time of crisis, like today's Poodle speech
 the GOP stamps and hoots with applause every time the president clears his lying throat.

 The Democrats have NEVER done that - not in my lifetime, anyway.
 No matter how successful Clinton was, they always stabbed him in the back.

 On the reverse side, when Reagan & Bush got caught in Iran-Contra, the GOP stood behind them.
 They did everything they could to save Reagan & Bush, unlike the Democrats. When Clinton got
 caught with Monica, the Democrats lined up to condemn him as an immoral scumbag.

 I guess it's part of the "We wouldn't want to be like them" horseshit  that allows the bad guys to win
 and take everything while the Democrats kick the dirt and wait for their next paycheck to come in.

 I'll bet Clinton watched that speech yesterday and wondered why he never got that from his party.

 Source for "sexed up" WMD lies found dead
  WMD Scientist's Death Rocks British Government

  Click  Here

 The political fallout was immediate. Prime Minister Tony Blair, who learned about the
 discovery of the body while flying from Washington to Tokyo, promised an independent
 judicial inquiry into the death if the body was confirmed to be Kelly's.

 But opponents called for Blair to return and face a broader probe into the case he made
 for war. The shock even sent Britain's pound tumbling half a percent on currency markets
 as traders weighed the severity of the crisis for Blair.

 Click  Here  for FauxNewschannel coverage of Kelly's death

"I deemed him an enemy combatant. Fuck 'em. I took him out.
  He won't be talking to no more reporters any more."

 Another day, another brave man lost

  Click  Here

 A U.S. soldier was killed Friday when a bomb detonated under a military convoy
 in which he was traveling in this violent city west of Baghdad, the Army said.

 Subject: The vulgar racist Pigboy and football

"The fascinating thing is that on the first day of the news about Limbaugh's hiring by ESPN, no straight news stories
 went out on a limb to remind readers about Limbaugh's past. The past would seem significant, since he is about to pontificate
 on the NFL, where well over half the players are African-American. Limbaugh has feasted off berating feminists, gay men and
 women, and people of color. African-Americans have come in for supercharged blasts of his hot air. In the 1970s, Limbaugh
 told an African-American caller, ''Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.''

 Limbaugh has always had crime and black people on the brain.
 He once said, ''Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?''

 He said, ''The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies.''

 When Spike Lee said that African-American children should be allowed to skip school to see his movie on Malcolm X,
 Limbaugh said: ''Spike, if you're going to do that, let's complete the education experience. You should tell them that they
 should loot the theater, and then blow it up on their way out.''

...Limbaugh once complained about African-Americans: ''They are 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?''
 ESPN and Disney should be made to care about hiring someone to cover a majority black sport who does not care about black people."
  --Derrick Z. Jackson,   Limbaugh's  baggage

 Boy, I'd pay real money to watch the Pigboy tell Ray Lewis to take that bone out of his nose.

 But then again, all NFL stars are super-rich, so they might look past his overt racism
 and embrace the whites-only son of a bitch while chasing that all-important tax cut.

 If you, the reader, sent in an audio file that
 I haven't yet used, could you re-send it?

 Plus, a few people sent is bartcop jingles and stuff that was super-professionally done,
 but I haven't heard from you - let's do some more!

 Also, if you "do" audio files, we should probably find a way to barter you in to a free subscription.

 For instance:
If somebody regularly watched and taped The Daily Show, I would make you a member
     if you sent in small MP3s of Jon's best ninety seconds.
same for Dave and, possibly.. Jay
Bill Maher's show is coming back TOMORROW NIGHT, and he often has good stuff
Maybe even the enemies - Dennis Miller, vulgar Pigboy, Hannity, O'Reilly. Laura the Unloved?
If you sometimes listen to these shows, why not tape them, send the best clips in
    and become a "made man" in the member's section?

Mick Rasley Silver
He can do anything with silver.

 Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 Bush has full confidence in George Tenet-- as a fall guy!

 Of course Tenet didn’t agree to take the blame for Bush’s pathological lies without first receiving
 assurances that the court-appointed prez  would stand behind him. Last summer when the FBI took
 the hit for the administration’s 9/11 negligence, no heads rolled there, either. The old rule applies-- if you
 take the fall for George W. Bush, you land somewhere soft. (I, by the way, wrote that rule)

 Bush or a box of Tic-Tacs? 
 Who would make a better president?

  Click  Here

 Tic Tacs beat President Murderer by almost 18,000 votes,
 but the crooked Supreme Court ruled the contest for Bush, anyway.

"I lubs Massa Bush"

 That Tom Sullivan who's subbing for the vulgar Pigboy today?

 That's the "Sullivan Institute" that Rush claims tracks his accuracy,
 always finding that Rush is 99 and-some-fraction percent accurate.

 It's a f-ing joke on the morons who think Rush is for real.

 My own boss, two jobs back, looked me right in the eye and said,
 "But Bart, he's been documented right 99.4 percent of the time!"

 Sure, my old boss was an extremely uneducated moron with shit-for-brains,
 but at least a third of America is that stupid - swear to Koresh.

 The 70 percent who think Saddam caused 9-11 believe the lies they're told.
 They believe that horseshit because the Democrats don't see any need to correct it.

 The Democrats have no desire to win their own goddamn House ands Senate races,
 much less bothering to win the presidency back from those who kidnapped it.

 That pisses me off.

 Subject: Bart--Latest from Joe B in LA

 here is the latest info on Jon:

 My sister said he was in Iraq for a couple of weeks. He is Navy
 paramedic and they sent him to a Marine hospital in Iraq.

 He and his best friend were in a convoy looking for Marines in trouble.
 They came across some injured Marines, Jon's buddy got out of the jeep, walked
 towards them, stepped on a land mine and nothing was left of Jon's best friend.

 Then, Jon was on a night patrol and got ambushed. John was working on a wounded
 Marine and an Iraqi bayonetted him in his left shoulder. The Iraqui shot at Jon too.
 Luckily, Jon had his Kelvar on and the shot deflected but his left shoulder is really messed up.
 Jon is suffering from severe trauma and he cannot sleep unless he is medicated.

 Bart, please let EVERYONE know I appreciate their prayers and good thoughts for this innocent fella.
 Joe B

 Joe, sounds like Jon has earned a Purple Heart.
 It's just a wild guess, but I'll bet 90 percent of Purple Hearts were NOT awarded
 to men who engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy.

 I'm glad he's coming home.

 Blood in the Water 
  Are we seeing Watergate II?

  Click  Here

 A multitude of stories appearing within hours of the Bush/Rice statements and Tenet's "confession" disclosed
 that the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) had successfully and personally argued for the removal of a
 similar line three months before the State-of-the-Union speech. His admission is not credible.

 Statements by both Bush and departing press spokesman Ari Fleischer that "the matter is now closed" will likely
 go down as wishful and quite possibly delusional thinking. Famous last words. Recalled is the line from Watergate's
 John Dean,  "There is a cancer growing on the Presidency." This is the kind of cancer that eats official after official
 until there is nothing left between it and the King.

 Thanks to Migs

Click Brit Hume's crown to visit

 General: G.I.s who rip leaders will pay
 They'll let the 'good' soldiers come home and do FOX News interviews,
 while the 'bad' soldiers can stay in Baghdad until they're picked off, one by one.

 Click  Here

"I've got my own 'Most Wanted' list," said a 2nd Brigade sergeant. "The aces in my deck
 are Paul Bremer, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and Paul Wolfowitz."

 Many soldiers are openly asking why they are in a country that wants them out.
 They complain that their commanders have gone home.
 Frustration with the powers in Washington is a main theme.

"I can guarantee you they've never stood out in a checkpoint in the heat of the day, day after day,
 full battle rattle, always wondering if today's the day somebody's going to shoot me. Do they even care?"
 one soldier told a Knight Ridder reporter.

 Bush negatives soar to 46 percent, says Zogby
  Saw it on

  Click  Here

 Voters rate only Bush's performance in the war on terrorism positively, 59% - 40%.

 Opinion is split on foreign policy, 49% positive compared to 50% negative.

 His performance on health care is rated 36% positive, 61% negative;

 the environment, 31% positive, 65% negative;

 taxes, 45% positive, 54% negative;
 and jobs and the economy, 33% positive, 66% negative.

 For the first time, more likely voters (47%) say it's time for someone new in the White House,
 compared to 46% who said the President deserves to be re-elected.

 Warning: Zogby is for sale.  His numbers can be purchased.
 Got a $20 bill?   Zogby can get you the numbers you need.

 Have a question or a comment?

  Email Bart

 I hate when that happens...

 This always happens to me. I'm out, enjoying life, and I meet some vivacious young lady who likes
 Shirley and Vegas and girl-on-girl porn and sweet Bixby corn and Chinaco Anejo and it seems like
 she's always more leftist than me, but they're so darn cute!!   I forgive them for supporting Nader
 and eventually we find ourselves in bed and becoming a power-couple, so we decide to take off for
 a cross-country,, ...a worldwide, romantic whirlwind of sweeping my new princess off her feet...

 ...and then, ...she tells me she's twelve years old.

"I love you Bart."

 Damn, I hate when that happens...

 Click  Here

 Have you been to BartCop Stocks lately?
 There is TONS of good information there, and it's not stuffy Greenspan gobbledegook, either.
 It's exactly what I hoped it would be, financial news with a 'BartCop' attitude.

 You ought to check it out - and volunteer to contribute, if you have an interest.
 I stole a toon from them today, but I wanted to steal all four!
 Check out his Cheney as the Wicked Witch of the West, with Smirk as his Flying Monkey - ha ha

 New Tape Likely Saddam's Voice
  Boy, nothing gets past those CIA guys, except 19 hijackers with box cutters

  Click  Here

 Besides destroying the Clinton Economic Miracle,
 name one thing Bush has done since he's been in office...

 Go ahead, name one thing...

 No Osama, no Saddam, no WMD, no jobs, no brains, no class, no respect, no allies...

 Go ahead, name one thing...


 "President Bush made a comment a week ago, and he said 'bring it on.'
  Well, they brought it on, and now my nephew is dead."
     -- Mary Kewatt, the aunt of a soldier killed in Iraq    attribution

 Note:  We're pretty sure we have solved our hearing-the-radio problems.

 The files that are currently up, and we believe all future sound files will be instant-play files
 and even those with a 56K modem should be able to hear immediately with no trouble.

 As of now, if you can't immediately hear the files, e-mail us with your operating system, the name
of your ISP provider and your connection speed. We want everyone to hear 
 Also, I've heard from several people that they like to download the entire show and listen to it
 in their car on their long drive home, so we will also post downloadable MP3s.

Marty's E! page
Sharon Osbourne is on Jimmy Kimmel where Jack Osbourne is this week's guest host
The Emmy nominations
The Clinton Presidential Center Cookbook
'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' is a ratings hit for Bravo
Terrence Malick
The prototype G.I. Joe doll
Ralph Stanley is backing Bob Graham
Angelina Jolie finds U.N. work rewarding
The Fugs are back
'This Week' with Judas Stephanopolous is tanking
(God doesn't like traitors, either)
Don McLean has re-mastered 'American Pie'
Bono got an honorary degree from Trinity College
Toby Keith says he's rich enough to vote republican
Beware of reading the wrong thing in public
And, basic cable's top 15 shows



"The Wall Street Journal reported that women are sexually attracted to Bush.
 'Hot? So hot!! That uniform!' said one New York mom.  Said another:
 'I mean, that swagger. George Bush in a pair of jeans is a treat to watch.'"
   -- Roger D. Hodge, Harper's Weekly Review, May 20, 2003

 When women were saying that about Clinton, Rush called them "Arousal Gappers,"
 and said they weren't qualified to vote if they thought like that.

 Of course, he's changed his tune now that Bush stuffed a roll of socks in his pants and
 dressed up in a pretend pilot costume. Clinton didn't have to dress up like a nine year-old
 to gain the respect of the whole world - which is something Bush can't do.

 Bush's American soldier body count 

 It now stands at 224.

 That's 224 families that have been destroyed, which is actually several thousand
 considering the co-workers who will never see their friend again, in-laws, neighbors etc.

 Plus there are well over a thousand wounded, affecting thousands more families.

 All because President Murderer never worked a day in his life, he's never had to fight
 a battle on his own, he's never had to earn anything in life, he's never been in any situation
 where he was held accountable for his massive fuckups - everything was always given to him.

 Bush expects victory because he's hever had to pay the consequences for failure.
 George Bush saw something he wanted - Iraq's oil - so he fabricated reasons to get it
 and as an added bonus he got to play cowboy and kill ten thousand innocent people.

 The stupid monkey is learning life's first lessons, at the expense of the lives of 224 brave Americans.
 His greed is only exceeded by his stupidity and his disregard for other people.

 The worst part?
 What will that number be next Friday?
 How many American families will get that phone call in the next seven days?

Lance climbs the big mountain.
There's also tons of baseball.
Check out sports at BartCopSports!

And hey, drop me a line!
Get involved, send in your opinions.

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A resource for non-embedded writers and an enlightened public

 Lyndon B. Bush?
  by Eric Alterman

  Click  Here

"It was an amazing run. They won the presidency by losing an election. They bankrupted the treasury,
 trashed the environment, turned the nation's system of justice over to religious fanatics and, finally,
 deceived the nation into an unprovoked war. They probably would have gotten away with that too,
 except they forgot to make any sensible plans about how to run the place afterward.
 ("Dude, where's my 'coalition'?") In the ensuing chaos and guerrilla warfare against the vulnerable
 and undermanned US forces, well, somebody was bound to start asking questions.

 Why did we invade Iraq again? Was it because they were "reconstituting" nuclear weapons?
 Nope, they made that one up.

 Was it because they were in possession of weapons of mass destruction?
 Apparently not.

 Was it because they were in league with the Al Qaeda terrorists who attacked us on 9/11?
 Sorry, ix-nay on the evidence-nay.

 Did we do it to further the cause of democracy and human rights?
 Stop, you're hurting my tummy.

 Letter to the Editor

 All I seem to read and hear from the Republicans in the news and on the talk shows is that
 according to them everything bad that's happening in this country and abroad is Bill Clinton's fault -- still.
 The man has been out of office for two years and the Republicans are still running against him.

 Well, since the majority of the electorate had the unclear wisdom to put the Republicans in charge
 of the whole of government, they have the power to change that government. Let them repeal the
 22nd amendment and allow Bill Clinton to run on his record and allow the people to choose as
 they were not able to in the last presidential election.

 It just doesn't make sense that senators and congressmen can run forever and Supreme Court justices
 are appointed for life, but presidents can only serve two terms. After all, the amendment was a
 reactionary response by the Republican Party after Franklin Roosevelt's presidency.

 And let's not forget, they were talking about a third term for Ronald Reagan, which would have
 been a terrible mistake, but they didn't really know he had the beginnings of Alzheimer's disease.

 Clinton is still a young man, full of energy and would, if given the chance, run again.
 Let him. And, let the votes fall where they may.

 Charles M,

 Copyright (c) 2003, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

 If you get a letter published in your paper, I'll re-print it here.

 Bush mushroom cloud "Bring 'em on" shirts! exclusive!
Buy a shirt, support and show the world
that you know there's an illegal monkey in the White House.

 We are not gentlemen

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"When I got started with my site my model was Bartcop, an over-the-top partisan Democratic site run by
 an Okie with a professed IQ of 64. Bartcop has been routinely identifying Lott, Ashcroft, and their like
 as KKK for years now, and for that and other reasons has always been regarded as sort of a lowlife.
 That's not going to change: being right is no excuse.

 A Nader voter looks back with regret

  Click  Here

"But after 9/11, I had my first repentant thoughts about voting for Nader, not so much because of individual
 Bush initiatives — like the horrific Patriot Act — but because his administration was brazenly creating a climate
 of fear just to get more Republicans elected. It worked, and the Republicans gained control of Congress.

 More guilt and repentance set in after Bush invaded Iraq — as the world watched in shock. I could not make
 myself believe that Democrats would have started it, especially without United Nations support. This was Bush's war.

 What really pushed me toward total repentance was the realization that Bush was just getting started

...aint it the damn truth?
Everybody has a better reputation than the New York Whore Times,

...except Fox News.

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 9-11 commission complains of “intimidation” and stonewalling

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"A statement issued by Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, singled out the Pentagon for criticism for withholding
 information relating to NORAD, the joint US-Canadian air defense command, which failed to mobilize jet
 fighters in time to intercept any of the four airliners that were hijacked on the day of the attacks.

 This is precious!
 Lee Hamilton complaining about the Bush administration?
 I guess we're supposed to 'take note' of how hard Bush's cabana boy Hamilton is fighting for "the truth?"
 If Bush wanted the truth, he would've picked somebody not on his Daddy's payroll.


"Unka Lee is following Mr Rove's script exactly..."

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