Subject: BCR Show 59 and other things

Dear Bartcop,

I finally got time this morning to listen to that show, and you are certainly on fire.
Boy, you sure had a lot to vent, honey.

I gotta agree with Tommy (our sex symbol) that Kerry is yesterday's news for us.
We have another election coming up and the race starts now.  The Democrats
definitely have to re-think and quit foolin' around, and there is no time to waste.

I have some questions and comments, though:

First of all, yes, Al Gore did speak at the Democratic Convention this year,
and he gave a great speech.  As usual, the media just ignored it.  They have to.
If they ever take Gore seriously, he's obviously a real threat.  He's been saying
absolutely fantastic things and the gloves are definitely off, now, and he explains
himself clearly.  The Retalibans cannot afford to have people pay attention to him.

Also, I can't help but wonder, why are you so sure that Hillary is a "real" fighter?

Recent history.
When the sons of bitches came after The Big Dog, she put aside her rage at him
to concentrate on beating back those sons of bitches. She's a fighter with focus.
Plus, I'll bet she doesn't even own a windsurfing board.

I've been watching her cave-in for a lotta years now, and I've seen her, over and over,
try to tell the world that really, she's just like a Republican.  She's another one of those
Senators who did all the lame-assed stuff that all the other pink tutus did after the 2000
election and after 9/11 and...well, ever since.

Her position is unique. She's nothing like the other 99.
She's probably the most famous and beloved women on the planet.
If she tries to lead the charge too soon, FOX would start The Hillary Network
Power must be forced on her by her consitituents.

She's not much of a liberal in policy terms.  And when she was in the best position to
make a difference, she didn't have the guts to propose - or even mention - single-payer
health insurance, which was the most sensible and simplest plan she could have proposed.

Not sure what you mean. When she had the guts to propose a fix for America's health care,
Democrats abandon her in droves and left her hanging like they did to Bill.  Their refusal to
back a winner made the Dems lose Congress in '94 and they can't get it back without her.

I'm actually surprised that you seem to have no interest in the election fraud story, but I figure
everyone has the right and obligation to write about what they want to write about on their own page.

I am a very poor communicator.
If there is evidence of voter fraud, I will print it, but I can't go looking for it, personally.
Somebody else will have to do the groundwork.

But I do think it's an important story, so even though I'm not doing a lot of legwork on it,
I'm posting links and writing about why I think it's important, so if you get tired of having people
ask you why you're not doing it, just send them to The Sideshow and tell 'em to get their links there.

But I do want to say this:  What if you're wrong?  I mean, yes, the Democratic Party certainly
does have to get its act together, but what if Kerry really did get a landslide?  It could mean that
all of the questions you and I have had about Kerry's performance could be off by miles.

Let's say a baseball player stays up till 4am drinking Cuervo the night before the BIG game.
If he strikes out the next day, I'd be critical of him. If he hit 4 home runs, I would still say he
disrespected his teammates and his fans by not seriously preparing for the big game.

I don't think we're wrong, mind, but since I'm not George Bush, I'm always prepared
to entertain the thought that I could be wrong, y'know?

(Of course, even if Kerry did get a landslide, that wouldn't so much mean that Kerry was a good
candidate as that Bush was an extraordinarily bad one, which we already know to be the case.)

The thing is, what I know with a certainty is that I don't know how well the Dems really did in this
election.  There are just too many problems, too many verified stories of something screwing up
somewhere, like that one precinct where whenever someone voted a straight Democratic ticket,
the machine gave their votes to the Libertarians.  And the fact that all of these stories show
Dem votes being the ones that get lost, and none of them are about Reptilian votes getting lost,
does raise a few suspicions, don't you think?

I agree, and I wish I was the right guy to ferret out the details of this story.
Alas, I have but one Treehouse to give to my country.

And it doesn't matter if it's all really an accident and the other side didn't cheat at all, because the
thing is that we cannot prove that the election was honest.  Our electoral system is murky
and hidden and utterly corruptible, even if it isn't already corrupt.  And that is simply unacceptable.
The question isn't whether it was stolen, but whether it could be.

I wish the Democrats cared enough to fix that.

Because you know in your heart that if people in power <i>can</i> cheat, they certainly will do it eventually.
So the question of whether the election was stolen may be only academic.

But the big question isn't whether there is someone we can indict for stealing it.  The question is whether
it is reasonable to proceed with a system where you can't be sure it was an honest election.

And the answer, obviously, is: Absolutely not.

Your fan,

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