Subject: Medicare prescription plan

 Hey Bartcop!

 I see the AARP has put its two cents into the debate on the Medicare prescription drug program.
 Looks like they're once again shoving their members out in front of a Republican freight train.
 This plan is so badly written that a CPA, a lawyer and a priest together can't tell you whether
 seniors will be better off or worse.

 Which means seniors will be worse off. They already receive far too little help from the government
 in procuring health care and medicine.  Now they'll have to decide whether to pay a premium for
 a plan which may or may not help them.

 This "donut hole" is the most ridiculous piece of legislative mumbo jumbo ever. From $2200 to
 $3600 in expenses, seniors get no benefits.  So after meeting their $275 deductible, it's like having
 another deductible for $1400! No one would endorse a plan with a $1400 deductible for seniors,
 so why would anyone endorse a plan that hides it in the middle of the benefit schedule?

 The last time the AARP weighed in on a bill this controversial was in 1988 when they pushed the
 aptly named catastrophic health bill. That piece of garbage got repealed once seniors figured out
 how it actually affected them. Seniors now should get ready for the same ugly surprise.
 They'll figure it out sometime after the next election.

 Keep up the fight!

 The Tripester

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