It CAN Happen To You
  by die hard

But first, a quick aside -- "Yen yen," Jake/Jack, and a couple of dozen other obviously fake names are all the same two or three kids.  Repeatedly tracking down and reporting their anonymized spam finally got them banned from the library, so maybe they've stolen somebody else's computer, but it's obvious from their stupidly repetitive phraseology that they're dittodorks.  Telling them the truth is about as effective as e-mailing the list of chickenhawks to El Pigbo the hamster-fucker.  If you get a REAL rightwingnut, feel free to tear into them, but trying to explain anything to brats who spends the whole letter on moronic insults is wasting your time.

Now, for those of you who still believe that A$$KKKross will leave you alone if you just keep your head down....

I lost my civil service job at NASA, and career of 17 years, for speaking out against the illiterate drunk's illegal appointment to the White House.  Not too long after that, I was accused of "using or threatening to use a hoax weapon of mass destruction," a law conveniently passed by the wartime-deserter's draft-dodging business-failure brother, governor of this state where having so much as one suspected marijuana seed will get the whole family thrown out of government housing -- unless the repeat felon drug abuser happens to be the governor's adult daughter, of course.

I have since discovered that the whole smear -- the accusations which got me fired, as well as the "terrorist" charge, were perpetrated by a handful of vicious bigots, including a more-or-less coworker who turned out to be the wife of a local
politician that I campaigned hard against, an ex-boss who was demoted when I repeatedly exposed his incompetence,
and the clerk who was sleeping with one of the city officials that I sued over a billing dispute.

A friend forwarded to me (without the headers, unfortunately) their gleeful posts on a chat board that "we know her
because we worked with her and she's evil" (because I publicly ridiculed their Southern Baptist church and its blatantly
illegal involvement in politics) and "we've been trying to get her fired for years" and "we finally got the bitch."

I also discovered that these certain government personnel (city, state, and federal) were tapping my phone and monitoring
my e-mail, and whenever they found something they thought was "juicy" (to quote the aforementioned governor), would
supply it to the prosecuting attorney.  I finally had to remind my own lawyer (and you wouldn't believe -- or maybe you
would -- what lawyers charge you when you're facing potentially heavy jail time) that it was illegal for them to use any
of the information they obtained through illegal wiretaps and computer monitoring.

Guess what is no longer illegal?

If regular BartCop readers don't think everything they say and write is monitored, and that your little cartoon of
Holy Rolling-eyes John is just a funny, they had better think again.  The over-bloated military-corporate fatcats have to
do SOMEthing to keep their retarded in-laws busy, and the easiest way to keep the prurients happy is to set them to
spying on other people.  Our single and only protection to date has been that the nose-picking pretzel-choker's
henchmen couldn't actually USE what they found out against you.

That protection is gone.

Every mention I've ever made of buying a gun, every bank transaction I've made, every letter to the editor
I've ever written, even though most were never published, is now part of the "evidence against me."

If you have EVER spoken out against the crime cartel and their regime, that is now part of the "evidence against you."
It's too late to keep your head down now, even though the repukelican junta would still prefer that you do so.

It's too late to jump up and down and scream at your senators.
Poppy Bush's CIA thugs got to them first.

It is very nearly too late to do anything except to stock up on booze and books, and make plans against the two possible contingencies -- World War 3, or a dictatorship that will ma ke Hitler's Germany look like the Rio.

There is no third alternative.  There is no possibility for peaceful return of democracy.  There is no chance whatsoever
that those who have seized power through such vicious and sneaky means, and who are facing execution for mass
murder and high treason if removed from power, will ever relinquish it.

The only advice I can openly offer to all those hoping to survive the coming holocaust:  whatever books you study
for ideas or buy for reference, make them count.

 You know, if it wasn't my ass in jail for eternity, I'd enjoy defending every word I've ever written
 if I could have a jury to play to. But if the jury is full of hand-picked military goons who owe their
 careers to Bush and his toadies and the penalty is life in Ashcroft's torture chamber, no deal.

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