One on one gun debate

  Issue #2 - Personal defense

 You said:
>What if four people need dying?
Get one of those Roy Roger double holster belts and carry two guns.
You'd probably have to learn to sing and play guitar while you shoot. though.

 ha ha

>My Glock holds 14. That seems like plenty to me.

I think that is what the Long Island train shooter had. Passengers finally tackled him while he was reloading clips.
With two round clips they could have got him a lot faster and more people would have survived.

That is true.

And here we come to the first ethical question. Is your right to feel good about having more shots
you will have a chance in a million to actually needing, more important than a hundred innocent lives? 

Your question implies I support hundred-round clips.
I think eight is a better number.
The point isn't "Bart feeling good."
The point is having a tool that's effective.
If a situation gets out of hand, more than two bullets might be necessary.
There are those who say "no guns," there are those who say "a billions guns."
I'm closer to you than the NRA.

>If it held less, that'd probably be OK, too.
>I can't hold off an entire army, but I'd hate to have just three shots.

Can you honestly think of a viable situation where you would need more than three shots to protect yourself?
And hey, it would force people to learn to become better shots!

Well, you stole my thunder, but if I miss with the first three the bad guy should win?

I'm not ready for the Libertarian issue of holding off the army just yet.
I got lot's of ammo for that one though. :)

I'd probably surrender to an army.

>Those 50-bullet magazines should be illegal.
>Six or eight seems like a round number.
>I'm not a gun nut, I just want a gun or two.

Two guns six shots! Five guns fifteen shots! It could become a way of judging the degree
of macho paranoia suffered by the amount of iron slowing them down. No swimming of course! :)

What I meant was - one at work, one at home, one in the car.

By the way, if you're sleeping and wake up to breaking glass, what do you do?

Call the cops?
Pick up a baseball bat?

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