Subject: Jesus doesn't exist?

Oh Bartcop!  Whyíd you have to go and say something like that?  ďJesus doesnít exist.Ē
Of course he exists!  I canít prove it and I canít explain why I believe it, I just do.
Heís very real to me and it is painful to hear people declare that he isnít.

I have opinions.
I think Chinaco Anejo is the best-tasting liquid in the world.
I think Jimmy Page is the most exciting guitar player of all time.
I think Vanessa Marcil is a super-hot babe.
I think The Sopranos is the best drama and comedy on TV.
I think Garbage is the best band working today.
I think the South's Finest Chocolate is the best ever. (That may actually be a fact)
I think religion is a tool people use to avoid the thought that they are alone in this world.
My opinions shouldn't cause anybody any worry.

I know you were defending your position (mine too, actually and very ably, of course)
and your opponent was the one who threw the J word into the ring.  Objectively speaking,
it was a great way to prove your point and you were speaking from a place of your own personal truth,
but if you could have won the argument without alienating the people whose personal truth is much
different, how much more masterful and admirable it would have been!

On this topic, I'm the best friend you can have.
I have no desire to make you switch from your God to mine.
People like Falwell and Ashcroft think you have to pass a religious test to hold public office.
Some people use religion as their excuse to discriminate against gays or to steal money from the sick and the old.
Since I don't have a religious ax to grind, I'm not a threat to anybody.
Sure, I advocate the use of common sense, but only when it really counts.

I ask you to consider this: when you take sides in the area of spirituality (to believe or not to believe?
Is there a God or isnít there?) then you risk alienating many people who are otherwise eager to hear
your message, Vegas and Garbage included.  Sure there are evil people masquerading as (fill in major
world religion here) and they should be fought, tooth and nail.  Right on Bro, keep it up.

But to just up and say ďJesus (or Diana or Krishna or Allah or Whoever) doesnít exist.Ē
Do you really have a dog in that fight?

No, which is why I'm free to say what I think is true.
I have no motives to suspect.

The bottom line I guess is that itís your website and you can say what you want to say and the
Jesus lovers and I can go the way of the Vegas haters and people who donít appreciate Garbage.
But your central message is so important, and agreed with by such a variety of good people, why not
try to keep as many of them as you can for as long as you can?  Do you think that all Christians are
right wing maniacs?  No!  We are not!  And, at least in my case, it is because of Jesusí presence
in our lives that we want to see love and fairness prevail.

I understand that you would feel better if I didn't say certain things.
Another reader asked me to go easy on Michael Jackson.
Several readers asked me to stop beating up the Dallas Cowboys.
As you mentioned, many people don't care for talk about Garbage or Las Vegas.
Most women cringe when I mention or print pictures of pretty women.
Those distractions keep me sane in a time when fascist pigs have hijacked our government.
If I second guess everything I write, or double-checked it for who might be offended,
I'd still offend people and the page would probably read like Mallard Fillmore instead of whatever it is.

Well, you know what this means donít you?  Iím going to have to put you on my prayer list.
Yep.  And you know all your Christian readers are going to do the same.
Why?  Because we love-diddly-uv you, Bartcop!
Come to think of it, with all the good work youíre doing for truth, justice and the American way,
I should have had on the list already.  Sorry about that!  I will remedy it immediately!

Love and Peace

Meerkat, thanks for the positivity.


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