Subject: The bullet that killed JFK

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Unless I am mistaken, the official Warren Commission line is that the "magic bullet," the nearly-pristine example
"found" on the stretcher at Parkland, is alleged to be the one which hit both Kennedy and Connally.  Many hoped
that Governor Connally's widow would allow a post-mortem to be conducted so that bullet fragments remaining in
the Governor's wrist could be extracted.  Had the fragments added up to more than the tiny amount of  metal missing
from the "magic bullet,"  the presence of at least a second projectile would be conclusively proved.

There were some other fragments recovered from the limo which went missing almost immediately.  The "magic bullet"
is the "evidence" connecting "Oswald"'s Mannlicher-Carcano to the assassination.  The original reports regarding the
weapon recovered from the "sniper's nest" on the 6th floor of the TSBD described the weapon as an 8mm Mauser rifle,
but were soon changed to conform to the official line that the weapon was a Mannlicher-Carcano.  "Oswald"'s rifle was
mail-ordered under an alias, and the palm-print found on it was not initially present; the most plausible scenario is the one
depicted in Stone's film "JFK,", in which the palm print was applied after Oswald's death.

The testimony of Marina Oswald regarding the presence of a/the rifle in the Oswald's garage is unreliable at best.
The Mannlicher-Carcano is one of the worst military-issue longarms ever foisted on an unsuspecting soldiery (I speak from
experience, having owned and shot a couple in my time).  The weapon simply cannot effectively be cycled in the known
amount of elapsed time in order to account for the shots.  The  Mauser bolt-action is on the other hand known for its solidity
and reliability and is still in wide sporting use today. Most serious students of the assassination do not believe for a moment
that a Mannlicher-Carcano was  used in the shootings.  The rifle/bullet combination, linked to Oswald throught the mail-order
Mannlicher, was necessary to shore up the cover story identifying him as the lone shooter.

The nearly-pristine "magic bullet" appears to have been fired into some relatively soft substance from the mail-order rifle,
thus leaving telltale rifling marks linking it irrefutably to the so-called assassination weapon.  There is also the question of
President Kennedy's brain, which conveniently went missing from the National Archives.  It, too would likely yield inconvenient
bullet fragments, or perhaps traces of some substance such as mercury which would indicate the use of an "explosive" bullet.
Then there was the spent bullet picked up from the ground by the man in the suit (likely the one which had caused a splinter
of concrete to cut the cheek of one onlooker) and the one that hit the windshied rail (evidence of which was obliterated with
other invaluable evidence when the limo was immediately sent, inexplicably, for complete refurbishment by LBJ).

The Kennedy assassination laid the foundation for the madness going down today, for it allowed the military-industrial complex
to consolidate their position and keep the Vietnam cash-cow going, while allowing the spooks to fund their black ops via the
lucrative smack trade, all of which would have ceased had Kennedy pulled us out in '64 as he had planned.  Both Richard Nixon
and George Bush were in Dallas the day of the assassination, likely to enjoy the show as their nemesis was rubbed out, along with
America's hopes for peace.  Once you understand how deep it goes, you'll never trust the "official" line again.

The Warren Commission report is a joke.  Anyone who buys the "Oswald acted alone" line is in grave error.  He was a patsy,
plain and simple, and likely didn't fire a shot that day(the evidence linking him to Officer Tippitt's death also being suspect at best).
The assassination of J.F.K. is simply one of the watershed events of the 20th century.  The world changed forever that day.
The fact that it could be carried out and covered up so effectively should cause everyone to take a long hard look at the facts
of 9/11 and follow the money, asking:  who benefits?

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q.e. bono


I don't know which bullet was used for ballistics test, but I'll tell you what I thought was very strange.  I saw a
picture of that putative bullet on the tube yesterday (CNN).  That picture was supposedly from the Warren Report.

Aaron Brown claimed it was the bullet that killed Kennedy.  The bullet had rifling marks on it, but that could not have
been the bullet that killed Kennedy because it was otherwise in perfect shape.  Any idiot knows that when a bullet hits
something, it expands and mushrooms.  The point on that bullet was intact, yet it supposedly hit Kennedy, traveled
through his body, and then hit Governor Connelly and then traveled through his body, finally coming to rest in Connelly's leg.
That could not have been the bullet that killed Kennedy.

But that's been their claim all along.
It's called the "pristing bullet" because it passed thru Kennedy and Connally without even a scratch.
From what I'm seeing, we don't even know if that's the right caliber bullet or gun.

Later in the program, some idiot who is supposedly an authority on the subject said that it took 1.8 seconds from the time
the bullet exited Kennedy's body for the bullet to reach Connelly.  I estimate from the photos that Connelly was sitting about
4 feet in front of Kennedy.  Bart, that's only 2.2 feet per second. A bullet traveling at that speed you could catch in your bare hand!!

CNN's special program on the Kennedy assasination was a crock!

Watching the Zapruder film, it's very clear that Connally hears the shot they claim hit him.
After hearing the shot, he clearly turns around to his right, as if to say, "Anybody else hear that?"
They want us to believe he was shot and didn't realize it?
I agree - we got a BFEE-style bait and switch on November 22, 1963.

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