From: Chris Goulet

Now me clear up your foggy head.  Clinton never went after Bin Laden.
He made a feeble attempt at getting him and didn't do jack shit.
He was offered Bin Laden himself, after the 9-11 attacks THREE TIMES and turned him away.
And here you sit making excuses for him?  How childish.

Chris, 9-11 happened on Bush's watch - not Clinton's.
The Unelected Moron stole the White House ten months earlier, remember?
Whatever you're smoking, you have any for sale?

It's too bad we don't get both sides in this country.
Hundreds of radio and TV talking heads have repeated that "three times" story, but is it true?
Do you have any details on that?   Or do you just take Rush's word for it?

The least you could do is sit here and call a spade a spade.  I'm very conservative,
but am still against this bullshit tracking device like most conservatives, including Rush.

Wait - if Rush is against this "tracking device," why doesn't he say so?
He worships every move the Smirking Chimp makes.

The least you could do is admit that Clinton was diasterous for the safety of this nation.

Yeah, those 8 years of peace and prosperity were devastating, weren't they?
Have you seen your 401K (or peace?) since Clinton retired?

And you are so upset six gays being fired from the military for being gay, what about
the thousands of people Clinton fired while downsizing the agencies devoted to protecting us,
cutting their funding, and raping America's safety.


You guy can never make your mind up which side of the slur you're on.
Half the time "Clinton bloated the big, bad federal government with all his Stalinist plans,"
the other half "he chopped all the good agencies in half so they couldn't do their jobs."
BTW, the big military reductions were done by Dick Cheney, under Bush 41.

Why does our president have any more incentive in catching Bin Laden than Clinton did?
Jesus Christ Bart, the first WTC attacks meen nothing?

Sure they do, and the people who did that crime are in prison now.
Don't you have even the slightest idea about issues you feel so strongly about?

USS Cole didn't kill enough people?  I'm confused here.

I know, but I'm trying to straighten you out. This will piss off most of the world,
but the USS Cole was a warship full of fighting men. It should've been able to defend
itself against Gomer and his bass boat full of explosives. And there's a big difference
between attacking a warship in a Yemen harbor and blowing up downtown New York.

Clinton let him free to hide in Afghanistan to plan his attacks.
And it is appalling that you don't care about that.
I'm not asking for much here, call out Clinton's wrongs.

If the case is as cut and dried as you claim, why doesn't congress put Clinton under oath and
ask him these hard questions?  They f-ing CAN'T, because Clinton would explain himself
and the truth might leak out and Dim Son, Fox News and Rush would look extra stupid.
As long as the country thinks Clinton is a bad man, congress won't ask for the facts.

And as for your third little argument, Clinton had the same licence to go anywhere and do anything.
All of our presidents have.

That's goofy talk.
You just said losing 25 sailors in Yemen was EQUAL to losing 3,000 civilians on 9-11.
When the Cole blew up, did a hundred nations hold candlelight vigils?
You have no sense of proportion.  Your Clinton hate is strangling your logic. this your first debate?

And Clinton did go anywhere and did anything he felt like.
Lewinsky aside, what purpose did we have in Somolia or Bosnia?

Bush got us in Somalia, and genocide is something up with which Clinton would not put,
but I noticed you were able to bring in Monica in a discussion about how to get bin Laden.
Rush would be proud of you.

Clinton chose to go into theatres of the globe, and went into places that had nothing to do with America,

ha ha


...meanwhile he let Osama Bin Laden go time after time.

That's Rush talking again.
Have you ever heard a sane person make those charges?

All this after Bin Laden directed attacks against us on our own soil.

There you go again.
The WTC was attacked in 1993 and the guilty bastards are in prison.
IF (do you understand what if means?) Clinton had solid proof that bin Laden
was behind the 1993 attack, and had a chance to grab him, why do you think a
politically savvy dude like Bill wouldn't want to grab him and be the big hero?

Even as a conservative I like some of the stuff, and some of the insight you provide.
What I don't like is how childish it is.  You seem better at making insults like a third grader
than you can at actually providing an argument against George Bush.  You call him stupid...
Gore is a hell of a lot dumber than Bush is all across the board, high school scores,
SAT scores, college performance.  Why don't you call that out?

Did you really say that?

Oh, and the September 10th "The Tax Cuts Didn't Work" thing is cute.
Even though it was widely known that the economy had fought off recession
and began expanding again.  But hey, I know you guys are all about re-writing history.

I didn't write that.
It was a headline from the we-love-Bush USA Today.
And as far as the economy expanding again - sure.
Bush cut the Dow in half, so we're in for a loooooooong period of growth
to get back to the 11,700 Dow we had when a real president was in charge.

Chris Goulet

Thanks for reading

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