When the Rain Comes

 Friday I was sure there was nothing on TV.
 Then I got home and checked my e-mail, and there was a note from Tally Briggs
 saying that U2 was doing a live-on-tape concert on VH-1 at 8 PM.
 It was the Boston show, the one they played a song from during that NBA halftime whatever.

 But 8 PM her time? ...or EST? ...or K-Drag time?

 I dashed to VH-1 and they had already started the pre-game show with a history of the band.
 Did you know they almost broke up in the early 80's because everyone but Adam wanted to
 devote their lives to Jesus and the other Christians told them they couldn't be in a band
 and serve Jesus at the same time, which caused a crisis in the band.
 Good thing they got over that bit of insanity, eh?

 So I'm watching this pre-game show, getting everything ready.
 I got the very last smidgeon of Humboldt County's finest.
 I got my official Tommy's brandy snifter full of the Miracle of Canaan.
 The pre-game thing went on forever.
 The TV Guide had the times wrong, so no telling what was going to happen when.
 Finally, finally, the pre-game show ended, and I'm ready for the concert to start.
 I was timing my party supplies to peak during the opening song.

 Then some Carrottop-ish buffon from VH-1 comes on to explain he's been hanging with Bono all day,
 so we had to sit thru another 30 minutes of his crap. The moron thought he was a comedian, and Bono
 looked like he wanted to throttle his smug ass, but they had a clock running that showed the concert was
 just minutes away.

 Only 20 minutes to go...

 The clown & Bono are walking around Boston.
 Bono's out on the street trying to hitch a ride - nobody stops for him.

 Only 10 minutes to go...

 The clown watches as Bono is signing autographs just as he's entering the Fleet Center.

 Only 5 minutes to go.

 They're backstage, warming up, stretching, that kind of thing.

 The lights go down, the screams from the giant arena can be heard in the background.

 One minute to go.
 Clown boy asks Bono if he's nervous. Bono laughs, says he's not.
 He's lying.
 Tick, tick, tick...

 As they started up the steps to the stage, the clock said ten seconds, nine seconds, eight seconds,
 seven seconds, six seconds - and then the goddamn satellite signal was lost and the TV went blank.

 It started raining like Noah in K-Drag, and when it rains, Dish Network shuts off.


 So, for the next 15 minutes, I'm staring at the Dish Network logo and "Signal Lost" while
 listening to the rain and the hail and watching the VCR wheels turn as it tapes the non-event.

 The signal eventually came back, but the mood wasn't the same.
 I was all primed for this months-of-anticipation mega-event - but nooooooooooooooo.
 If I thought Weak & Stupid could affect the weather, I'd blame him.

 The parts we saw were pretty good, tho.
 Reminder: The Treehouse will be dark Tuesday and Wednesday, and maybe Thursday.
 We're driving to Kansas City and St Louie to see a couple of shows.
 Since we're driving, it may be Friday before we're back online with a full report.

 Will Garbage live up to their title as "best band in the world?"
 Or will U2 have something to say about that?

 You might check out some past issues.
 People say the issues that end in 7  (147, 217 etc) are the best ones.

  ...and let's hope I don't run into any raccoons.

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