I have addressed this many, many times.
Perhaps you're not familiar with my writings?
I believe John Lennon, MLK and Bono and other peaceniks are saying
"Peace and non-violence is a goal we should always try to reach for."

Do you think if John and Yoko were sitting in Central Park with Sean
and some nutcase started attacking Sean or tried to take him away,
John and Yoko would stand idly by and preach love and forgiveness to the man?
Or would they fight to protect their own?    Of course they would fight.

You are a fraud and incapable of holding complex thoughts.

I have no argument with you there.
I have never said I was the "real deal," or a smart guy.
...and thanks for not making this personal.

This is an illegal administration which ignored warnings of terrorism from
two American government studies, ignored warnings from 5 governments that
we know of, will most likely benefit financially from war, will crush our civil rights if allowed--

I see nothing to argue with there...

(not New York, the BLUE state, remember).

If our Armed Forces needs a 48-year old fraud who can't hold a complex thought
then we're in more trouble than I suspected.

Suddenly because you *VISITED* New York you can't see the schizophrenia of your position?

Objection to the faulty linkage of my NY visit and your faulty conclusion.
Objection to stating "facts" not in evidence. You have yet to spell out the "schizophrenia of my position."

I'm from New York--maybe you should visit again to listen to the anti-revenge, anti-Bush movement.

I keep waiting for the part where you start to make sense.

1. You've implied, I believe, that John Lennon would not fight for his children
     because he wrote a song that said, "Give Peace a Chance."
    That suggests faulty thinking on your part.  I sincerely hope you are childless.
2. You have insulted me, personally, for having a different opinion about a war we're in.
3. You have suggested that I'm afraid to fight the people who are destroying our country.
4. You have stupidly linked my long-standing position on military force to a recent trip.
5. You have attempted your use your address as some anchor of sanity or reason.
6. You have suggested one must visit New York to understand the importance
     of refusing to fight the people who are trying to murder us.
7. Conclusion?  You are not sane. You are choosing suicide as your defense.

As Bush said, you're either with him or against him.  Looks like you're with him.

To suggest I'm a Bush supporter is further proof of your non-grasp of reality.
The choices here are "with Bush" or "with bin Laden."
It's the lesser of two evils, Honey.

Using your "logic,"  you are "with bin Laden."
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Standing with a man who murdered thousands in your city?

Which makes me against you.

Sadly, that appears to be the case.
You have this mountain of anger and rage against BartCop and America,
yet you want to be a little white dove when it's time to deal with bin Laden.
I'm proud to stand with America against terrorism.

Tell me, Vivian, how does bin Laden like his coffee?

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