From: "Norma" <>

Subject: 1999--Presiden Clinton on the defeat of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

A BuzzFlash reader drew our attention to these remarks that President Clinton made in 1999,
after hard line Republicans forced the defeat of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Read it and weep to see how prophetic his words were and how much we've lost in just nine months:

From: "Chris Ray" <>

Subject: Help

I finally got my born-again Republican sister to admit something odd and
perhaps illegal happened in Floridia during the presidnetal election.
Where can I find information that I can present to her on the facts.?

C. A. Ray

Chris, I recommend the following:

And don't forget this bit of illegality.

These are all GOP staffers, pretending they're part of a "citizen revolt."
In truth, these goons shuts down the vote so Scalia could rule that the
counting of those votes would cause Weak & Stupid "irreparable harm."
That's possibly the most illegal act in America's history.


Subject: Ignoring all the signs

I believe the victims of the tragedy in New York should file a class action suit against all those prominently involved
in the Clinton bashing years, and prevented the President and Congress from pursuing the real dangers we were facing.

Sue the GOP.
Sue the house managers in charge of the impeachment proceedings.
Sue those who called for impeachment before they even created a reason for it.
Sue the present illegal administration for ignoring warnings we received as little as 6 months ago.

The people in Washington treat the American public like we are only here to support their egos
and high salaries and they do not feel like we are entitled to know the dangers we were facing.

And now the chutzpah of Rush to blame Clinton for the WTC attack.
He thinks his millions of dollars a year salary entitles him to respect for his opinons.

He is still the  idiot he has always been.

Ruth Cohen


Subject: Military's Sole Supplier of Anthrax Vaccine Still Can't Make It

Greetings All,

If this isn't an argument against privatization I don't know what is.

Dave Galloway
Chattahoochee, FL


What a tangled web we weave when we at first we begin to deceive.

This is the Shrub Family in a Nutshell.



Subject: Cyberspace security?

Hi Christian,

Something slipped by us; Richard Clarke was appointed to head cyberspace
security with very little mention.  Do we need cyberspace security?
What, exactly, will Mr. Clarke do?  Should the ACLU get in on this?


From: Hesiod

Subject: Read this book!

I think I sent out a notice to everyone to read Ahmed Rashid' book on the Taliban.
But in case I have not, here is the link:

Click  Here

But don't just take my word for it, read this article from the UK Guardian.
None other than British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his advisors are not only reading this book,
but are being heavily influenced by it. Blair even met with the author, Ahmed Rashid,
when he made his recent trip to Pakistan.

Here's the article

From: Withheld

Subject: The Taliban are cracking up...

Another excellent article from reknowned Taliban expert and reporter, Ahmed Rashid.
The Taliban are losing control over Afghanistan.

No news outlets are reporting this.



Subject: NY firefighters support striking MN state workers

Here's a scoop you'll probably see in the papers on Wednesday or Thursday:

New York firefighters fed up with those who use the recent tragedy for political gain will be in St. Paul this Wednesday
to support striking Minnesota state workers.  Governor Ventura and conservative pundits have criticized the timing of
the strike.  Ventura (a union member himself) used criticism of his trip to NYC during the strike as an excuse to
lash out at striking workers, telling them to take whatever the state offers and get back to work.



Subject: A concise dove's argument


You've been asking for a short, concise pacifist argument. I'll try to give you one.

Bombing or invading Afghanistan won't hurt bin Laden. The mountains are big, the caves are deep.
If it ends up killing innocent people it could - probably will - make him stronger (besides, I don't see
why it would make you feel better if we killed a bunch of cripples, women and children,  but
no terrorists. I don't want my taxes going toward that).

Peter, fuck you for suggesting I want to kill cripples, women and children.

bin Laden is being protected by the Taliban.
The Air Force is making the Taliban pay a price for that.
It's my opinion, at some point, the Taliban will give up.
We may not get bin Laden, but the Taliban will lose their stranglehold on Afghanistan.

Same goes for the Taliban. It'll increase sympathy for their causes, become the terrorists'
best suicide-bomber recruiting tool. It could start the holy war bin Laden's been praying for.
This is the 'escalating cycle of violence' you profess not to understand.

I understand the escalating cycle very well, I just think it's a price we must be willing to pay.
Our choices are NOT "war and peace."
Our choices are inviting more attacks or fighting back.

A better solution is to provide proof that he - or whoever - is guilty and put him on trial.

Hey, Pollyanna, say we have that proof - how are we going to get our hands on bin Laden?
You say "put him on trial" like you'd say, "pass the salt."
The Taliban has already refused to hand him over.
If we want him, we have to go get him.

Then you can lock him up legally, which, I suspect, would be more of a punishment to him than the
martyrdom he obviously craves. Where's the attraction if you don't get those 70 virgins after all?
No more incentive for future suicide bombers!

Any questions?
Peter Strouthes

Yeah, I have a question.
You think that army of suicide-bombers is going to sit quietly while bin Laden rots in jail?


Subject: The State of Baseball

Another indication on the sorry state of baseball:
The MNF game between two 0 and 4 teams, the Cowboys v. Redskins
still had a higher rating than the game five, winner goes on-loser goes home,
Oakland A's v Yankees division series game.
Or maybe its a statement about the public's opinion of the "techno-glitter" hype that's called "Faux Sports"

Kevin, I saw that, too, and I was amazed.
I think everyone knows the Yankess will play the Braves in the series and the
Yankees will win, just like last year and the year before and the year before that.

Yes, capitalism is killing baseball.


Subject: Gore bumper sticker


Is it too soon for the "Osama - Don't kill me, I voted for Gore" bumper sticker?


ha ha


Subject: Mahr


Regarding Bill Mahr's comment on cowardice, Mahr would have been more accurate if he referred to
Cheney's 5 deferments during the Vietnam war  because according to him, he "had different priorities at the time,"
or Bush hiding out in the National Guard during the same period.


John, good point.
Maher made a severe mistake that day, but I hope he doesn't lose his career over it.


Subject: WorldnetDaily

Hi BC,

I have been receiving reports from relatives from the South part of the US
citing WorldnetDaily's story of Al Gore accepting money from the airlines
to not implement rules that might have prevented the tragedy at WTC.

Could you give me some background on the site in question and the people behind this site??

Thanks, from a daily reader,

Worldnetdaily is a non-credible rag published by whites-only tobacco whores.
Gore never took money to stop terrorist protections..

From: "William Pitt" <>

Subject: MORE on anthrax at Planned Parenthood

"Ninety offices of Planned Parenthood and at least 80 clinics of the
National Abortion Federation across the United States have received
envelopes containing unidentified powdery substances and letters with
threatening language, according to spokesmen for the groups. Both groups
support abortion rights and provide abortions in at least some of their offices."

Scroll down to latest developments here:


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