From: (withheld)

Subject: Your position on Doves

> BC,

> I just have to ask, in light of your continuing tendency to rant about 'doves' who want to
> 'surrender' and post cartoons and whatnot that demonize bin Laden:  Do you have some proof that he
> did it of which the rest of us are unaware?

 Tony Blair says bin Laden wired cash to Atta.
 I half-trust Blair...

> Where, exactly, have you been getting your information about this guy?  Isn't 100% of it from
> that same whore media that you continually (and rightfully) bash?

 True, it's a whore media, but it would be a mistake to assume
 everything ever produced by them MUST be inaccurate.

> And isn't just about 100% of the whore media's information provided to them by 'official' sources
> in the illegitimately stolen government that you also continually (and rightfully) bash?


> There's just something about this that strikes me as inconsistent, contradictory, and therefore
> troublesome.  We're reading a lot of the same stuff,  or at least I assume you're reading it too since I
> get so much of it from links you provide.  It troubles me to no end that it appears the Bush
> family wanted this to happen, in fact they appear to have conspired to MAKE it happen,
> just as they made the Gulf War happen, all for the same reasons.

 Before we say Bush MADE it happen we'll need real proof.
 It's my guess they'll profit handsomely from Sept 11, but hell, he's the president.

> To what end do you then demonize bin Laden?  I don't for a minute think he needs to be made into a hero,
> but frankly since my only information about him comes from sources that I patently distrust, I don't
> think I know anything about him at all.  Thus I don't feel I'm in a position to judge him.

 Blair, Blair, Blair.
 Maybe he's lying, too?

> And personally I believe that you participating in the further demonization of his character assumes
> facts not in evidence and further distracts even our enlightened political allies from asking the
> appropriate questions that will get us to the bottom of this mystery.  Personally I believe that by
> accepting without evidence that bin Laden is the enemy you are (albeit unwittingly) aiding and
> abetting the Bush Family Evil Empire in accomplishing their goals.

 Now, now, I realize you haven't had a chance to respond
 to Blair, Blair, Blair, but his word means something, right?

> Personally I don't think they need your help.
> But we do.

> Be sure to read the latest from Stan Goff, "The So Called Evidence Is a Farce" at Narconews:


> Respectfully,
> Scott

> PS,
> We've already destroyed all the water facilities in  Kabul and who knows where else over there.  A very
> small percentage of the children unfortunate enough  to have been born anywhere in the area can expect to
> reach adulthood now.  The rest will die horribly  painful and drawn out deaths due to dehydration and
> enteric disease.

 You said the media couldn't be trusted.
 Now you're implying they can.
 I assume once we win, reporters will be allowed in.
 Once we're back in, repairs can be made IF they have no water.
 It's my best guess they didn't hit the water plants.

> Serves them right I suppose....I guess those
> stubborn raghead babies should have risen up against
> their Taliban oppressors and handed over bin Laden, huh?

 Could we compare them to the children who died
 with Koresh in Waco? Being born in a country that
 just paid for the destruction of downtown NY is,
 indeed, some very bad luck.

> I spent eight years of my adult life, three children already in tow, living in poverty while I worked my
> ass off, in order to become an environmental engineer.  I was inspired to do this specifically
> because of the frustration that I felt as a result of the Gulf War.  I focused on alternative energy
> resources and technology and that is the field in which I now work, but in order to get the degree it
> was necessary for me to take many courses in the fields traditionally associated with environmental
> engineering, specifically waste water treatment and water resource development, treatment, and
> distribution.  Along with this came more than a little bit of statistical sampling and analysis
> methodology and hefty studies in environmental health.  I have a painfully personal association
> with these issues.

 Nobody is happy that we're at war.
 Nobody wants those Afghan babies hurt.

> This is not a war against terrorism, it is a war for control over Central Asian oil.  The WTC, the
> Pentagon, the anthrax, they are all nothing but justifications and rationalizations cooked up by the
> worst elements of our culture to pave the road to their continued fascist domination over the rest of us.

 Well, the WTC DID fall.
 Let's not act like there's no provocation for what our soldiers are doing.

> The prosecution of this unjust war on an innocent population, an act done in my name without my
> approval, is the single most painful event of my life.
> I'd feel less sick about it if we HAD glassed them. At least they wouldn't spend their last waking
> moments consumed by nothing but vomiting and diarrhea as they struggle for the strength to even
> crawl away from the pools of their own feces and bile in which they lie.

 Dude, you can't look at it that way.
 If you walk around reminding yourself that a billion people will eat no food today
 you'll soon be too depressed to go on and your kids won't have a dad.

 You've been very polite and all, but I can't  understand why people see me in bed with Smirk.
 It may be that you are so far to the left that you see me & Bush in the same frame.

 People were starving 100 years before you were born and they'll be starving 100 years after you die.
 You gotta live your life while you have it.

 I hope I've explained myself,


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