Kissinger's security background check
  by Phillip Schuman

Former FBI man Aldrich Ames' book 'Unlimited Access' correctly mentioned
that some of Clinton's young staffers had been working in the White House
without having completed their routine and mandatory background security checks.
That was likely because of recent drug use, and their need to get that out of their
system to pass the checks. In fact, all eventually did pass those checks successfully,
and the WH had routine random drug checking imposed on those staffers.

Unknown to most, Henry Kissinger did not and could not pass his background
security checks. He was given a temporary waiver so that he could begin his work
as Nixon's National Security Advisor, and then the temporary waiver turned into
a permanent waiver.

The Clinton junior staffers were unlikely to see truly top secret information,
but even what limited access they might have to sensitive or classified information
meant that they needed to have those background checks done, and they did.

By contrast, any president's National Security Advisor would see THE most
sensitive and top secret information, on a daily basis, since that is the essence
of his job. Yet Kissinger was allowed a pass on that uniform and routine check.

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