Sopranos Fever

 If you haven't been watching, you won't understand, but The Sopranos
 is the best thing to happen to TV ...since ...West Wing, ...since ...Homicide.

 Sunday's finale could go a hundred ways.
 Paulie confesses to Tony - what choice does he have?

 Christian thinks Carmine is the problem, I say it's Johnny Sack!
 Carmine is old, he's old-school, he's stubborn and set in his ways, but he's no Judas Maximus.
 Unless Chase is lying to his audience, which isn't cool for a much-respected director,
 Johnny Sack has been leading Paulie on since Paulie was in the pokey in the 2002 premier.

 When Carmine told Paulie he'd never heard of him, that makes Johnny Sack a lying sack.
 That's why Paulie confesses to Tony next week, a rare damn smart move for Paulie.

 Also, and this is important...
 Tony drives a dark red Suburban.
 Whoever gets murdered in the final moments in the finale next week, the SUV's not dark red.

 I predict the scared juror in Junior's trial caves and sets Junior free, but it's a piece of the plot that
 was woefully underdeveloped.   Koresh, we spent hours on Janice's nutty courtship of Bobby Bacala,
 but we only spend 60 seconds on what might free Junior freed from year-long arm of the feds?

 Is Christopher done for the year?
 Or did he bust out of rehab, steal a SUV and cruise the wrong side of town?

 Is Furio in Italy, as his last-minute, 4 AM voice-mail to the Bing suggested?
 Or is he plotting to fish-sleep Tony to enable him to take the queen, Carmella?

 He had a chance at the airport when he grabbed Tony near the chopper propellor.
 They played it both ways - was Furio saving Tony or was he about to kill him?

 Is Carmella so sex-crazed that she'd have Tony killed for a fling with Furio?
 Could she do that to her brat-assed kids?

 Carmine said, in front of Carmine Junior, that Tony was the son he never had.
 Whatever goes wrong next Sunday, Little Carmine will have a hand in it.

 The last show will be a 75-minute blockbuster.

 I wouldn't miss this for a private, backroom lap dance from Vendela's daughter Tammi.

 Well, that's a lie, but I'm sure looking forward to the big finale.

 Will we have to wait another year for the last 15 episodes?

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