Subject:   Ruby revelation- i've seen the video
The audio you refer to is on a video tape i've seen recently, I'm going to
rent it again. I do recall that the vid showed Ruby looking perfectly sane,
calm, and reasonable while he recited the audio- he could have been
an attorney if you didn't know it was Ruby!

I know not where the info about craziness and whacko testimony comes from.
But the popular representation of Oswald was that of a confused, perhaps submental
loner and the old films of the time showed that to simply not be so as well-

BTW i'm no conspiracy type, I've always accepted Warren until just recently-
Damocles in Arizona


Subject:   The Ruby Tape

This is a divisive issue. Among other things, many leftists, notably I.F. Stone,
Noam Chomsky, and Seymour Hersch have discounted anything but the official
version of the JFK assassination. The latter two have also tried to depict Kennedy
as being about as bad as right-wing propaganda of his time said he was - shades of
Nader agreeing Clinton should be disbarred over the Lewinsky scandal.

Furthermore, some of the people like Fletcher Prouty (Ollie Stone's Mr X) who
supply insider JFK assassination info are bats, either left-wing  or right-wing cranks.
On the net there is a CIA-connected guy named McAdams and another guy,
who I consider a RW net-loon named Locke, who spend a lot of time
keeping the lid on JFK theorizing.

Having seen some of the few documents available, I think JFK was definitely
killed by a conspiracy. One thing that everyone but Rush types should agree on,
though, is that sealing the records in the JFK case for 50 years was a bad precedent.
For that reason alone, Ruby was right, and anyone who disagrees with him,
or with you, BC, is simply blowing smoke.

Marion Delgado

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