Selective Prosecution

You remember all those dark skinned minorities Ashcroft rounded up?

All the ones he wants to deny civil rights?
All the ones he wants to be able to hold without charging?
All the ones he wants to deny Attorney/Client privilege?
All the ones he wants to torture to confess?
All the ones he wants to be able to hold indefinitely?
All the ones he wants to prosecute in secret?

Well, how about that.
Lookie, Lookie...
They're all innocent.
They all look to go free.
Without being charged of a crime.
Without any evidence that proved them guilty.
Without any credible evidence to retain them and deny them of the civil rights any further.

After all that.
After rounding up all those dark skinned people by the republicans...
After shredding the Constitution...
After denying them their rights...
After holding them for almost three months...
Not one of them was found guilty of terrorism, and not one is likely to be charged with so much as littering.

From USA Today:

12/07/2001 - Updated 05:30 AM ET
Probe fails to link suspects to al-Qaeda
   By Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON Nearly three months after the terrorist attacks on the
World Trade Center and the Pentagon, it appears unlikely that anyone in
U.S. with knowledge of the FBI's probe told USA TODAY.

(Full Story)

(Lucky for them, Ashcroft didn't put them in internment camps, concentration camps, ship them off, or worse)

This is racial profiling at it's most egregious, worst example.
Naturally it was done with the republicans in charge.
And they wonder why they are seen as a wholly racist party...
Despised by 92% + of Black voters.

Ashcroft wanted unlimited power to turn America into his own personal Police State, and he got it.
...for all the good he accomplished.

If he wants to profile, he ought to do it where it'll do some good.
It's by sheer luck that the Anthrax hasn't killed more than it has.
Reports are that the letters sent to the democrats in the senate could've killed into the tens of thousands.
Which would've made 9-11 look like a walk in the park.

So why isn't Ashcroft profiling the domestic terrorists that sent those letters?
Why isn't he rounding up thousands of the Army of God members?
Why isn't he holding pro-life, white Christian conservative republicans for months without charging them?
Why isn't he rounding up militia members and denying them Attorney/Client privilege?

I guess he's too busy making sure that people in Oregon California and Arizona die a tortuous,
horrible, agonizing, painful death - Turning this country into a Police State - And destroying the
Constitution and the freedoms that America stands for,

Excuse me, STOOD for... that is, until Bush Jr. stole the election.

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