Musings from the Heartland
                             by Richard L. Fricker

                              It seems that even good intentions canít keep me on track, what with having
                      to make a living and all that stuff. Nevertheless, Dick Cheney was in Tulsa a couple
                      of days ago. Not that there was a parade or anything like that, President Dick only
                      met with the really truly faithful i.e. true neo-con believers who also have checkbooks
                      that automatically spring open at the sound of jackboots.
                              The expressed reason for his visit was to come to the campaign  aid of
                      Congressman John Sullivan (R-Tulsa puppet). You may remember John has been
                      discussed in this space on previous occasions.
                              But, why would the President Functionary come to Tulsa to help a congressman
                      who has no real opponent? Answer: John does not need help being a toddy and lackey.
                      He has provided exemplary evidence that he is ready willing and able to load women,
                      children, the elderly and infirm on boxcars if so directed by the high command.
                              So why raise money for someone who gets thousands from the tobacco industry?
                      Because he makes an excellent laundry. Give money to Johnny and he in turn will pass it
                      around to other candidates so that it never looks like anyone violated the elections laws
                      by over donating.
                              This is what happened in Johnnyís first campaign and now itís payback.
                      Example: Suppose The National Association of White Guys Who Speak English Only
                      wants to give a bundle to Candidate Neo-Con. They canít give as much as they want
                      because of donation limits.
                              Give the limit to Neo-Con and then give Johnny his limit and let him donated to
                      Neo-Con. No one violated any election laws, wink wink nudge nudge.
                              This is the way it is going to be, money will rule and issue candidates will drool.
                      I am not saying give up, much to the contrary. I am saying it is time to dig deep, spread
                      the word and become active on the local level.
                              The Demo hopefuls are going to have to start bowing out and leave room
                      for someone, any one who can win the election.
                              Dead bodies donít vote, Bush know that much, I think. So why should he
                      address the issue. Send the momís a form letter, wave the flag curse Osama,
                      Saddam or who ever is the evil doer du jour, proclaim an economic renewal
                      and zip ó youíre the President of the United States of Something.
                              The war in Iraq is headed to the back pages, that is until U.S. troops take another big hit.
                      The unemployed have given up and the corporate mid-level types are hanging on for dear life
                      and donít want to rock the boat. Therefore, there will be no real issues on the right, they will
                      just go along because they are either making a buck or fear that they wonít make a buck if
                      the voters look behind the curtain.
                              Regardless of who becomes the Democrat nominee the campaign will have to be waged
                      by the people to the people. Bush will not do anything dangerous. Remember here is a man who
                      thinks macho is throwing a rattlesnake into a baby carriage. Bush will not take an issue head on
                      and can be beaten on those grounds.
                              The opposition will not have the money or media so it will have to be shoe leather, email
                      and internet. The Johnny Sullivans are positioned to spread money across the land, flinging it if
                      you will in the face of the poor with a smirk.
                              As we head into the full blown campaign there is one last observation, this is going to be
                      real real nasty. The power elite have a lot to lose and many many sins to conceal, no right is
                      sacred, no sin too great.
                              Let the games begin.


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