Subject: we differ on the reasoning

1) Artest is, was, and always will be a punk ass whack job.  It wasn't just this incident.
Charles Barkley, he of the go into the stands to straighten up the fans?, said Brother Ron needs to get himself some counseling.
That being said, I agree with you entirely.

A $40.00 ticket doesn't give a fan the right to hurl insults and beer.  They'll indict you for throwing the wrong shit in the sea lion
cage at the zoo, but throwing beer at a man?, that's OK?  'Cause he makes $5M a year? I don't think so.  And I am Detroit borne
and bred, long time Pistons fan.

2)  The marine.  He was wrong.  But he had no choice.
He was in an impossible situation after days of being under intolerable, impossible stress.  After months of  intolerable stress.
He'll get fucked for it, though it's Rummy-Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Condi-and the roll-over-son-of-a-bitch-trading-on-his-
good-name-Powell's fault.  It is criminal that tese mostly civilians and/or kids are put in that situation.
The Beast is responsible; the kid will pay.

3)  De jure everybody gets treated the same.  De facto it doesn't work that way.  That's a large part of the argument regarding the
racially disparate treatment of murder indictees.  If the victim is white, the punishment is more likely to be death than if the victim is black.
I refuse to watch these stupid trial things (I probably spent a total of 30 minutes watching OJ coverage; none on Peterson)(they seem
to be  precursors and extensions of 'reality' TV, which I also don't understand).  The law should be dispassionate.  Especially where
the death penalty is involved.  Remember Gov. Dukakis fumble on the what if your wife was raped and murdered question?

My answer to that is that I would take that mother effer and...(cough)...and that's why there shouldn't be a death penalty.
It is not a punishment.  It's vengeance.  On my own, deciding for myself, I might decide to break the law and do the mutha myself.
I don't expect you to do it for me.  Society has no fucking business doing vengeance.

Besides, the needle is no punishment at all.  None.  No book of myths will ever convince me that meeting a maker will cause
eternal punishment.  Even if that's all Gospel Truth,  it's e-fucking-ternal.  Fifty or sixty years before it begins makes absolutely
no difference to anybody involved in the process.  Let me ask anyone: would you rather be locked in a 6 X 8 cage and never
see another kind human face for the next fifty years?  Or would you rather go to sleep and entirely without any pain whatsoever
just not wake up?

A copole years back I got my appendix out.  General anesthesia.  They did incredible mayhem to me, sliced open my belly,
ripped out internal organs, put staples through my flesh, tubes down my throat, and needles in my arm, a whole bunch of stuff
that hurts a lot worse than being given a powerful muscle relaxant.  The only thing I ever felt was the needles in my arm before
things got rolling.  If I hadn't woken up, well Idda  never known it.  That's no punishment.  If the guy's guilty, I want him to suffer.

I want him to pay.  No calculus in the world will ever convince me that McVeigh somehow paid for 167 lives with his one worthless life.
I want him alive and hated, not dead and forgotten.

Finally, the dead guy can't be brought back if he is exonerated.  He's dead, and we're real sorry about that, but we needed
the 'closure' of our vengeance at the time, so c'est la vie, or le mort, as the case may be.

Bottom line,  you called each one right, though we may differ some on the reasoning.


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