Subject:  Al Jazeera # 61


What you advocated doing to Al Jazeera totally shocked me and to be honest really disappointed me.
What you said was such a Freeper thing to say.

My suggestion is meant to result in fewer American dead.
That's a goal we can all agree on, right?

As for Al Jazeera being sensitive to bad news, as I recall their offices were bombed twice in Afghanistan.
Their Baghdad correspondent was killed In Iraq. Their reporter was arrested en route to a summit in Crawford.
Their New York correspondents were thrown off the floors of the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.
Meanwhile the dickheads that run and work for our media continue to lie and mislead the American public and
they continue to act like they are setting journalist standards for fair and balanced reporting.

I see nothing to argue with in that paragraph.

Why exactly do you expect Al Jazzera to broadcast news that sheds a good light on the Illegal Invaders and Occupiers?

I don't expect that.
Faced with the alternative of going out of business until this never-ending war is over,
I'd expect them to throttle back on their incitement to murder Americans.

How many broadcasts have you seen by American media that shows the Iraqi people in a good light?


How many CNN broadcasts have you seen depict the massive casualities inflicted on the Iraqi people?

You're asking the wrong questions, but I'll play along and say, "very few."

What I think people miss and what really pisses me off is the fact that WE are the ENEMYof the Iraqi people,
they are not our ENEMY. They did nothing to us and we have totally destroyed their country.

Nothing to argue with there...

Everytime I see one of those stupid yellow support our troops ribbons I want to puke. I support pulling our troops
out of Iraq.  I do not support our troops in killing and maiming innocents. "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"
and I do not advocate the addage "Do as I say not as I do" as you seem to think world media should.

No matter what your feelings, you must know we can't suddenly pull out.
That would give Zarqawi the $100M a day that Bush is stealing.
Bush may be a madman killer, hellbent on world domination, but he's much less likely
to nuke the United States than Zarqawi, Osama or Al Qaeda.

Seriously, between Bush and Zarqawi getting that $100M a day (assuming those ARE the choices)
wouldn't you rather Bush steal that money?

I realize Bart that I am much further to the Left than you are but cheerleading
the destruction of the Arab Press is off the wall even for you.

Northern WI

I am cheerleading nothing - I'm suggesting a tactical strike on an empty building.

You seem to think we have a good reputation to uphold over there.

We invaded Iraq, kidnapped their leader and murdered his sons and paraded photgraphs
of their scarred, autopsied bodies all over TV which made the Arabs hate us even more.
We tortured and raped the helpless civilians we captured on the streets and the Bushmonster.
is currently robbing that country of $100M each and every day that we occupy their homeland.

Blowing up a TV studio would be waaaaaay down the list of the serious Bush crimes.

Bush has bungled us into a seemingly endless, bloody quagmire.
If blowing up an empty Al Jazeera building saves the lives of a hundred American soldiers, why shouldn't we?

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