Tally Briggs / Actress at Large



        Do you hear the people sing?
        Singing the song of Angry Men~
        It is a music of a People who will NOT be slaves again!
                                ~Les Miserables

Today I went to http://www.votewithamerica.com/  and wrote an open letter to the electors.
Hopefully it will be sent to them by email.

Here is my letter:

Dear Elector,

I do not envy your position.

Indeed, it will take some very brave individuals to step up to the plate,
look deep into their hearts, and know they carry the weight of not only our
nation, but the Democratic Ideal of the World on their shoulders.

I am sickened by the depth to which this country has sunk.  That our ideals
of a fair & equal democracy are nothing but a laughable sham.  The
conservative majority of the Supreme Court has shamed us as a nation.

Personally I believe in God.  I know I will have to answer to Him at the Day
of Judgment.  I know he will be able to see into my heart and know exactly when
I have been a self-serving coward and when I have been truly selfless in my actions.

What if the rest of the world could have the same insight?  What if you were asked to
look away when four nuns in South America were raped and then executed?  Could you?

What if you were to be asked to be an accessory to a crime?  Would you?
Even if you were assured by the criminals themselves that you'd have total
impunity, would you still do it?

Do not think your task is as not as grave and full of import as any you have
undertaken, ever.  Some people say the President is really quite powerless.
Most people, before this election didn't realize that there even was an Electoral College
and that they were in fact not voting directly for their candidate of choice. And they certainly
didn't realize that it was the President who nominates the justices for the LIFETIME
appointments to the Supreme Court.
As one of 538 members of the Electoral College, you will help to determine the future of
American democracy. If the Electoral College contradicts the nation's popular vote,
American democracy will face an even more serious legitimacy crisis than it does already.
You have the power to help our nation avert this crisis.

I understand that you are committed to support George W. Bush, but before doing so,
you should weigh America's national interest. Your state, unlike many others, does not
legally require you to vote for your party's candidate. To the best of my knowledge,
you will face no penalties whatsoever if you decide to vote with America.

Now, even if you do, chances are if the fix is really in, it won't matter.
That Congress will do whatever it takes to place Bush in office.  And Gore
himself most likely would be the noble man he has proven himself to be, and
decline.  BUT:  How powerful and wonderful would it be to send a message
that the Will of the People is of the HIGHEST IMPORT.  It is, after all is
said and done, where this country's foundation lies.

Patriotism should come before partisanship. Absolutely.  But what far
outweighs all of this political rhetoric is the TRUTH and what is RIGHT. I
have no doubt you, as an elector take your responsibility very seriously,
and have researched ALL of the facts.  It is wrong to not count all the
votes.  It is wrong to say that machines are more accurate than people.  If
that were true then we'd have better change machines.  It is wrong to say
that a time limit is more important than allowing the votes to be counted -
a presidential election is not a sporting event.  It is wrong to allow the
man who lost not only the popular vote, but also the vote in Florida to take
the sacred office of the President of the United States and make a mockery
of all the blood lost in the making of this great nation.

Thank you for your time & consideration in this most important matter.

Tally Briggs

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