From the Mind of Rude Rich

Kerry lost the election because this country is packed full with morons.
Even in this bluest of blue states they are everywhere.

They haven't got the foggiest idea of what is going on outside their own front yard but they
know they don't like hippie liberals, even though they have no idea who or what a liberal is.

They have Fox News and Rush O'Hannity yammering at them 24 hours a day and they just
follow along. I see it all day long. My boss thinks the economy is doing just great, because
he got a huge tax cut and I'm sure the company (which he owns) got an even bigger one.
I told him that I'll believe it when I see the numbers on my paycheck change. I haven't spoken
to the secretary at work since about a week before the election when I mentioned someone's
name in the administration and she didn't even know who it was. I yelled at her not to vote
if she isn't going to follow the issues. She didn't like Kerry because his wife was rich.
No, I didn't even bother explaining that the Republicans live for riches.
Why bother...she's just another idiot.

I see these great conservative moralists at my legion hall all the time.
They bow down when Bush comes on the tube and then go in the mens room and do lines of coke.

They know I'm the biggest hippie they ever met and I represent everything they say they hate
but they don't mind following me into the backyard to smoke my pot, uninvited.  I've given up
trying to talk politics with them. They are morons who have no idea what the issues are.

I win every argument but nothing changes. Within a few minutes they are stammering but they
never waver from loving Bush and hating liberals, even though they can't tell you what a liberal is.
I don't even say hello to half of them anymore. They're morons.
The list of people I talk to has shrunk by about 90% in the last year.
I can spot 'em a mile away.

I doubt we'll see another Democratic President in our lifetime. These morons are everywhere and
the right wing media feeds off their buzzword mentality. Thats all they know but there are too many of them.

There are too many of them in NJ let alone wherever that Oklahoma place is.
If I lived there I'd never leave the house.  I saw them in Florida.
You can bash tutu wearing Democrats all you want but the moron majority is not going to change
no matter what the Democrats do. Hillary doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of becoming President.

Rush O'Hannity has turned her and me and you into the enemy.
The moron majority doesn't think for themselves. They follow the crowd.
They have never seen F-911 but to them Michael Moore is a commie.
Springsteen is the enemy to them.

You can keep doing what you do. I guess it keeps you out of the bars
( or the class of customers do) but nothing is going to change. There are too many of them.
I think the only hope is for Bush to something so bad, so stupid, that he will have to be removed from office.
Then, maybe a Democrat can win the next election but by the following election Rush O'Hannity will
convince these morons that it was all the liberals fault, like they did with Nixon and once again we'll lose.

The moron majority runs this country.
Get used to it. Nothing is going to change.

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