From: Stephen R

Subject: A Few Questions about ''

"Conservative Republicans = better off dead, nazis, fascists, scum sucking
helldwellers. Many prominent (read:  loud) repubs' are referred to
according to physical and/or personality traits."

This indicates your intelligence. You are a simpleton.

Excuse me, young pain-in-the-ass.
Why would you fabricate a quote, then ask why I have that point of view?
I realize this is your first debate, but you should be smarter than that.

...and your point is "name-calling is wrong," and that's why you called me a name?

You are probably some foolish atheist,

You have that half-right, but since you're an expert on my personality disorders
why are you having to guess about that which is a staple of

Could it be you're launching without having any idea what you're doing?

...but thats not what I'm trying to get at. I'm only 14, I was CONSIDERING
the Democrats/liberals/socialists or whatever left group,

Why would you consider a party of spineless wimps who believe in defending nothing?
Besides, we've got as many idiots as we can handle in this party - stay on Rush's side.

...but your Low class webpage automatically makes me disgusted with them.
You are a group of ignorant simpletons who just feel like making up lies against people.

I am a group of one, but thanks for assuming it took a team to put together such an
exciting and informative page such as

BTW, why did you capitalize "Low?"

Do you have something against Nuclear Science?

Nuclear science?
No, I had an MRI once and was very pleased with it.


Capitalism run amok is one ugly mother-effer.
Next time a tornado/flood.earthquake wipes you out, find me and I'll sell you two used batteries
and a five-pound bag of ice for $200 - then you can explain the benefits of pure Capitalism to me.

The Military?

Now you're starting to piss me off.
You've obviously never read this page before, yet you THINK you have an opinion.
It was probably a mistake for me to waste some ink on you.

Few things piss me off faster than an ignorant dude with strong opinions.

Lower Taxes? less government?

Son, you need to spend more time in the wading pool.
Hell, I made Nixon's lawyer eat it (BTW - I found those tapes!)
so don't think you're going to be 14 and score any points, OK?

YOUR side doesn't want lower taxes or less government.
Christ, do you own a TV?  Ever read a newspaper?
Do you know what President Hamsterbrain has done
on those two subjects since 9-11-01?
Ask your momma how big her tax cut was last year.

Or were you just some deprived child who...

Junior, I don't have the time.
Besides, I think you're really Lanny or one of my other stalkers.

I am far advanced compared to the idiot liberals in my school.

Yeah, you might be the smartest 14-year old ditto-monkey ever.


"Rush Limbaugh = (nasty*) Pigboy, vulgar Pigboy his "oinkness" (or similar
swine references), lying nazi whore, and "El Chupacabra", Spanish for goat sucker

*Pigboy evaded 'Nam b/c of an infection of the ass crack, some kind of cyst/boil
thing from poor hygiene (ass wiping).  It's 100% true, swear to Koresh. "

What kind of lie is this? Not only is it some nasty fake lie, its just plain stupid.

If I was the vulgar Pigboy, I would not have told that story on the air.
Maybe he figured being the guy who couldn't wipe properly beat going to Vietnam
but now he has to live with those haunting words the rest of his life.
If you think he was stupid to tell that story on the air - talk to him.

How can you justify calling Senator Lott a racist? Give me some proof.
I don't think you will even respond because you can't.

Rush, Tony Snow, Fox News and all but two GOP senators have refused
to say "We're with Senator Lott on his segregation comments."

If you have a problem with the GOP seeing Lott as racist - talk to them.

I'd like to hear your response.

No, you wouldn't.
You started with a rack of personal insults and lies, saying you were considering becoming
a Democrat until you read this page. Every word you wrote after that proves you were lying.

Lanny, or C-rox, whichever stalker you are, you've failed to say anything.
There are 952 issues that you could've used to attack a position I've taken,
but you thought lying and playing the putz was the best way for a child like you to learn.

You began with a fabricated quote and asked me why I said it
Then you said "name-calling is wrong, you simpleton."
Either you've never read this page before or you have the retention rate of GW Bush.
You lied when you said you were considering joining the non-racist party
You argue like a ditto-monkey or a child, I can't tell which
You have no idea what your party stands for
The Rush cyst story was told by Rush. He also said his dad got out of the army the same way.
YOUR party says Lott's a racist - my party's afraid to speak on the subject.
At 14, you probably play with yourself all day.  I suggest you join my stalkers.
   They do this daily circle jerk where they all cry out "BartCop" at the big moment.

   See Lanny, The Bird, C-Rox or any stalker for an admission form.

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