Lou Dobbs, CNN's Fiscal Whore, getting into social issues

The subject is the wall between church and state.
Watch this clumsy whore make a fool of himself.

All this is from the transcript,  Attribution

DOBBS: Political correctness is taking Christmas out of this holiday season in many parts of the country.

What a stupid and dishonest lie.
Dobbs has dropped his pants to make some money.
Publicly, Christmas is about Santa and the Reindeers.
If you want to make it about Jesus, go right ahead, just leave government out of it.

Does a Nativity scene or a Christmas tree in a public school violate the constitution?
My next guests have different viewpoints on the answer.

Nadine Strossen is the president of the ACLU and says public schools may teach but not preach.
And Alan Sears of Alliance Defense Fund says Christmas is one of the clues keeping America together.

Why in the world do we care about a program in a public school in which children are singing
"White Christmas," "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."

What a dishonest whore he is!!

This isn't about "White Christmas," or  "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."
This is about "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem" and "Angels We Have Heard on High."
Dobbs knows this, he's just sucking that uneducated Nazi teat that Limba discovered.

Isn't it obvious, that if they have to lie to make a point,
it proves that the truth would not have served them well?

What a crock of Hooey!

Dobbs says Santa and Jesus are equitable.
I don't care that much, but that should make you religious people angry.

DOBBS: The point is that a number of schools have been approached by the ACLU,
and told they cannot have Nativity scenes on their lawns.

That's not true.
Sandra Day O'Conner, a Reagan appointee, wrote the majority decision that public property
cannot support any certain religion, and Lou Dobbs the fiscal whore knows this better than me.
The ACLU's crime is "approaching?"

The ACLU didn't say it was the law - they don't have that power.
The Reagan appointee who screamed, "Oh No!" when Gore won Florida said that, so take it up with her.

Why can't they simply tell the truth?
Why should the Okie tequila boy have to straighten out CNN's fiscal whore?
Why doesn't CNN have the integrity to leash their dogs without my help?

DOBBS: What about Santa Claus in the classroom?

You lying whore.
You're suggesting the ACLU won't let Santa be a part of Christmas.
Screw you, you twisted pervert for lying to the stupid people who believe what they see on CNN.
Dobbs knows the ACLU didn't try to ban Santa, but he's a Bush whore - here to distort.

DOBBS: What I'm having trouble with ...children singing Christmas carols, surely there is a more important...

Dobbs, I'm thinking Rush is more honest than you, and I f-ing mean that.

"Christmas carols" imply Frostie the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,
 not I will die for Baby Jesus because he died for me.

Why can't the religiously insane people keep religion in your homes and in your church?
Why is it so important that we believe the same fairy tales you do?
If you're not secure with your Invisible Cloud Being, why involve the rest of us?

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