Recent bomb suspect and other long rants
   by Mike Lordi

The following is a passage from the article in:,,2001570016-2001595542,00.html
"Although he was carrying only a small rucksack containing a magazine, a Walkman,
  Arab music cassettes and verses from the Koran, he said he had clothes and belongings
  in the Caribbean. The ticket was checked, and had been paid for in cash at a travel agency in north Paris."
So let me get this straight:
1.  The suspect was detained for being "suspicious" on Friday, but then wasn't suspicious on Saturday
     and was allowed to board the plane.
2.  He had no luggage, and claimed to have clothes where he was going.
     Yeah, THAT isn't at all suspicious, we all travel with no clothes, right?
3.  He had verses from the Koran in his possession.  Isn't that the same book found with all other hijackers?
4.  He bought his ticket IN CASH the day  before the flight.  Hmmm...seeing a trend here?
5.  The article also states he "wasn't on any list" of people wanted for questioning.
    Well, most of the hijackers on the 11th weren't either, according to their fake passports.
6.  They claim later that the passport was "suspicious".
    Well, how come they couldn't figure that out FIRST???
Ya know, it has been over 3 months since the horrible events I witnessed first hand on the 11th, and NOTHING has been done to security.  More news has been devoted to whether the charities have been passing out the right money than airlines security.  If Bill O'reilly was to concentrate on this issue instead of which funerals Hillary went to, maybe some people
would be outraged that the government is lying to them about their safety than Hillary's daily routine.
Where were the mandated air marshals the government swore they would have?  Why did the passengers have to help the stewardess?  Didn't they say all international flights had air marshals?  Oh, I see, France has refused to install detectors to
find explosives.  So instead of coming to the US (where we don't have them yet either), the terrorists will just come from
a country that makes it easier!
Oh yeah, and while I am on the subject, where is the official explanation of Flight 587?  Shouldn't they have that by now?
Oh, I see, the government doesn't have to explain it as the people have forgotten about it already!  The news is concerned
only about what is going on in Afghanistan, and nobody realizes that the FAA hasn't explained Flight 587 yet.

Yet the president is on TV (in commercials no less), telling us to go about our business as usual.  Fly to our favorite destination!  But if you blow up you'll become a martyr for the US!  Another reason for that hypocrite Bush to get on
TV and say "My daddy flew on a commercial flight, look how safe it is".  Yeah, I bet it is safe when the Secret Service
checks out every inch of the flight, and you have 6 people flying with you with machine guns.
By the way, when did Bush become the spokesman for tourism?  Doesn't the President hawking taking your kids
to Disneyland demean the position?  And how is me flying and spending more money make me more patriotic?
Have you seen the Lexus commercial where they buy there daughter a new "CD Player" for Christmas, and it is a brand
new Lexus?  How many of us can really afford that?  And why should a 17 yr old drive a $50,000 car?  But I mustn't be patriotic because all I bought my kids was clothes.  They can have the same car my dad bought me...oh wait, he DIDN'T
buy me one as he wanted me to EARN it, and learn the value of working hard.  I guess that is lost on this generation.
I am so sick of advertising execs using the whole "be patriotic" thing in an effort to hawk their products.  Hey, I got an idea, paint a flag on your Mercedes and sell it as the "Patriotic" mobile.  But wait, isn't Lexus and Mercedes a foreign car?
Wouldn't you be better off buying a domestic car?  Of course not.  And hey, keep buying those SUV's so we stay
dependant on the oil from the country that keeps exporting the thing we fear the most....terrorists.
In closing, I must say this Christmas did mean more to me, but for the little things.  I didn't buy a car, I didn't spend
more than previous years, but I appreciated my family more.  Maybe I have the terrorists to thank for that.
Your faithful reader.....
Mike Lordi

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