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Get some balls.  Please.  And get the rest of the Democrats and any Republicans not on the
Bush Payola to grow some as well.  Are there any Republicans left who have any ethics
whatsoever and have not become complete sociopaths? What the hell has happened to
this country? We have just had a Coup rammed up our collective ass and everyone is
blathering on about "moving on".  Should a rape victim 'MOVE ON'????  HELL NO!
I have no intention of moving on, nor do millions of others across this nation.

Do you want to hear something sad? Sitting around this holiday season watching television
with my loved ones, I find myself mourning the death of democracy in The United States of
America, something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime.  It was done "for the good of the
country" without any bloodshed, and in an arrogant and blatant misuse of our already (post O.J.)
fragile legal process.  I see what was once the great image of our flag, the blazon vision of
Old Glory itself waving across many scenes on my television and it breaks my heart every
time I see it now because I realize it no longer means what it used to.  It now, very sadly,
represents a joke of a nation where a corrupt group of selfish self-serving individuals who
have never heard of "conflict of interest" refuse to abide by the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Just because a group is LOUDER, more aggressive, and physically threatening doesn't make
them right.  Al Gore not only won the popular vote, but now that the votes are being counted,
we also know he won Florida as well.  If GW Bush had any ethics and honor whatsoever,
he would concede.  (He also would have let the votes be counted in the first place, if he had
any intention of winning fairly.)  But it is obviously not about him.  It is about his father, and
his corrupt faction running the country with a puppet idiot figurehead as a smokescreen.

The people elected you.  By the grace of US, goes your job.
It is now time to DO YOUR JOB.  Represent THE PEOPLE.  Stop listening to the right-wing
paid for polls that say America wants to 'move on'.  I have NEVER been polled. Who the hell
are these people who are too squeamish for the truth and want to bury their heads in the sand?
I don't believe for a moment that MOST people in this country feel that way.
What MOST people feel is that they have been blatantly raped of their liberty.

The People have spoken.  Their choice was Al Gore.  Whether or not he would accept the
office under these circumstances is not the issue.  Our Democracy, or rather our Democratic
Republic, our judicial system and our liberty itself is at stake.  There are five Supreme Court
Justices who’ve acted illegally.  We must hold them accountable.  It will be messy.  So what.
If we do not stand up and fight now it will be far messier down the road.
Anyone remember the L.A. Riots in '92 after the Rodney King verdict?

NO to the Electors.  Al Gore rightfully won Florida, as well as many other states if only hand
counting were required.  Not to mention the disenfranchisement of countless voters across
this country.  The blatant discrimination that is slowly coming to light in many states, California,
Tennessee, and Georgia just to name a few, must not go unanswered.

If that fails, then you MUST NOT approve MOST of these blatant partisan appointments.
NO NO NO to these criminals.

If you don't stand and fight, and DO YOUR JOB, you are not only guilty of being an accomplice
to this illegal take-over, but also of complacency which in and of itself is perhaps the most
dangerous for someone in your position.

Every Elected official should consider themselves On Notice:
If our right to vote is not entirely taken away under the incoming illegally appointed administration,
if you fail to do your job, then you will be fired.  The People are your boss, never lose site of that.

Tally Briggs

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