Subject: Tiger Woo


            Once again I need to straighten you out on Tiger and Golf. It so obvious you are not a Golfer
and your understanding of golf limited. I wish you would stick to politics where you are king.

I keep up with golf like I keep up with soccer.
I'm into sports, not silly, short-pants games.

             You say "Vijay Singh won four major championships this year, and beat Tiger in the money,
 but they  looooooooooooooove  their Tiger Woo ".

              Vijay....4 majors? I don't think so. I bet you cant even name the 4 majors.
Just so you know its the Masters won by Mike Weir, The British open won by Ben Curtis, The PGA won
by Shaun Micheel and The US Open won by Jim Furyk.
No Vijays here.

As far as the particulars, you'll have to take that up with USA Today, which I admit
is hardly a reputable newspaper. It was on the front page of the sports section December 9 this year.

              How uninformed are you to make a statement like this "and we live in a world where
the Number One golfer wasn't Number One - not even once"

He never won a major in 2003. You can get as angry as you want with me
for clearly and accurately stating the facts, but that's not very logical.

Tiger did come in second to Vijay in the money...true.
Just remember to add the fact that Vijay had to play in 10 more tournaments then Tiger to do it.

If Vijay didn't win any majors, how did he beat Tiger in the money?
I'm thinking the BartCop Hex chased Tiger out of a few tourneys.

Also Tiger won 5 tournaments this year for the fifth year in a row.
Only one other player in the last 20 years has won 5 tournaments in a year.
No one has EVER won 5 in a year for 5 years in a row!!!!
Where did you get your facts?

From USA Today, the greatest newspaper delivered to BartCop Manor.

                 Just one more Fact for you that I bet your not aware of.
Its the other players on the PGA tour who decide the player of the year.
If Tigers peers say hes the best then who's to argue with them?
Who could possibly know better?  Certainly not you Bart.


I can't explain why they'd vote a non-winner as the best.
Maybe the voting's rigged, like the Grammys and the US presidential elections.

PS  Now you make me wonder about all the other stuff you write about being accurate.

Bottom line, if Tiger won, I wouldn't be able to say he's not the best.
Tiger Woods isn't the worst golfer in the world, he's just ...unlucky.

Why dont you just leave Tiger alone?
He is by far the best player to ever live.
Look it up, at his age nobody has ever been better.
Its a FACT!!!!

So why doesn't his ball fall in the cup when he putts it?

Larry, this isn't a hill either of us should be ready to die on.
There are certain people who just rub me wrong.

Look at it this way, compared to the Dallas Cow-boys,
I love Tiger Woods like a brother.

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