Nostradamus Predicted Geraldo's Stupid Career Move
 Eerily Presaged Pistol-Packing Anchor's Afghan Boondoggle
   by Andy Borowitz

No one could have predicted that Geraldo Rivera would jump from CNBC to Fox
in order to become a war correspondent -- just days before the war suddenly ended.

Nobody, that is, except Nostradamus (1503-1566), the French physician and astrologist
known for his uncannily accurate prophecies. In recently discovered writings by the noted seer,
Nostradamus predicts Rivera's boneheaded career move in the following passage:

"Geraldo Rivera will make the dopiest decision of his career,
going to Afghanistan to cover the war just days before it suddenly ends."

"What a bogus jerk," Nostradamus continues.

While the exact meaning of the passage is, to some extent, open to interpretation,
Nostramaus scholars do not question its authenticity.

"It's highly unusual for Nostradamus to single out someone by name and call him a bogus jerk,"
said Dr. Thomas Crogan of the University of Minnesota. "But let's face it, Geraldo was asking for it."

Dr. Crogan was somewhat taken aback by the ferocity of Nostradamus's attack on Geraldo, however.

"Nostradamus really rips him a new one," Dr. Crogan said.

Dr. Crogan went on to say that there is a precedent for Nostradamus to question the wisdom
of a celebrity's dubious career moves.

"In another famous passage, he criticizes Suzanne Somers for leaving 'Three's Company'
while the show was still in the top ten," he said. "Once again, Nostradamus was right."

Returning to Afghnaistan after a holiday break, Geraldo Rivera had no immediate comment
on the shocking Nostradamus revelations.

But the erstwhile war correspondent did indicate that, in keeping with the country's new
peacetime footing, he would no longer be carrying a gun as had been widely publicized,
carrying instead a portable espresso machine, a Bose Wave radio, and a nose-hair trimmer
from The Sharper Image.


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