Subject: Agaveland

  I tried the Chinaco over the weekend. I'm not much of a hard liquor drinker.
Scotch or Rye makes me woozy when the bartender passes a shot near me
for someone else. My usual setup is a pint of beer (8.0 proof)and a double
Crackhouse (Blackhouse schnapps with a splash of cranberry) on the side.

  The Chinaco has just a hint of the smell and taste that made me throw up
the last Tequila I drank, about 30 years ago. That's a good thing.  I was able
to sip the Chinaco easily enough and it tasted more like a cognac than Tequila.
If I downed a whole shot of it, I would probably go into reverse instantly.
Sipping, I had two shots. No one else at the party would touch it. One girl said
she would but she wanted to keep her clothes on that day. I think all the guys
were gay. If I could drink it, they should too. Friggin women.

  I have to rate it three ways. As far as being good hootch, I'll give it a 10.
As far as me being able to drink it on a regular basis instead of my Crackhouse,
I have to give it a 6. It doesn't go down as easy and it made my upper lip numb
(although that may be caused by something else that was floating around that day).

   Comparing it to Scotch in drinkabilty, with Scotch being a 10 in making me puke,
I'd give the Chinaco a 7. I can get it down but I have to chase it with a sip of beer.
Only a minor gag reflex.

  The bottle is now missing two shots and will probably stay that way for awhile.
Not that I don't like's just that I don't do shots of anything other than Blackhouse
or brandy very often. But if I ever meet anybody with good taste and breeding
(which I haven't yet), at least I'll have some expensive rotgut to offer them.

Bottoms up.

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