To:  Laura C. Schlessinger
 ha ha  I'll bet I know what the "C" stands for...

Subject: Linda Chavez's Hypocrisy and Your Own

Again today on your radio show, you blamed all of the people whom you regard
as *your* enemies -- feminists, the "liberal" media, Democrats, the left,
the liberals, "them" -- for the decision by Linda Chavez to withdraw as
nominee to be Labor Secretary.  (As even you recognize, she was really
forced to withdraw when the Bush administration stopped supporting her.

Perhaps out of ignorance, you don't admit that Ms. Chavez lost that support
when her attempts to cover up her "charity" failed.)  But it really doesn't
matter what your enemies think about sheltering illegal aliens, or exploiting them
under the guise of helping them.  (And you're a shameless hypocrite to defend
Ms. Chavez for "rescuing" one illegal alien, when you vociferously demand that
all illegal aliens be sent back to their homelands.)  No, it doesn't matter, because
Ms. Chavez  herself condemned what she herself had done.  Seven years ago,
Chavez went on record as disapproving of Cabinet nominees who "hire" illegal aliens.

"[Marta] Mercado lived in [Linda] Chavez's Bethesda home during the early
controversies of the Clinton administration over the employment of illegal
immigrants and the failure to pay Social Security taxes by two failed
nominees for attorney general, Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood.
Chavez was sharply critical of Baird. On Dec. 21, 1993, she appeared on
PBS's "MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour" and said: 'I think most of the American
people were upset during the Zoe Baird nomination that she had hired an
illegal alien. That was what upset them more than the fact that she did not
pay Social Security taxes.'"

"Chavez Is Under Fire Over Illegal Immigrant"
By Thomas B. Edsall and Manuel Roig-Franzia
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, January 8, 2001; Page A01

Isn't that priceless?  While an illegal alien was working for food and spare
change in "Miss Linda"'s house, Linda Chavez jumped at the chance to go on
TV and declare that Zoe Baird wasn't fit to be a Cabinet member -- because
Ms. Baird hired an illegal alien.  (Rather like the party of Newt Gingrich,
Henry Hyde and Dan Burton being the standard-bearers for "family values.")
The woman who fancied herself as Secretary of Labor knew she didn't have to
pay a decent wage to an illegal alien -- much less Social Security taxes!
Talk about hypocrisy!  At least, Jesse Jackson said that adultery was wrong
when Bill Clinton did it, and he said again it was wrong when he himself did it.

Why are you trying to whitewash Linda Chavez, who's trying to portray
herself as a saint?

Margaret Shemo

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