The End of Journalism and Journalistic Integrity Brought to Light
-by Houston Wade

 One thing has bothered me about the media of late-- They either have no brains or no balls!  In an age where all news is sensationalized until the populace grows sick of its redundancy I call for a change.  I beg for one.  If I had a magic wand I would create a media conglomerate that would base itself in journalism in the way it was intended.  The purpose of journalism is to expose abuses; the current system does not do this.  Instead the current system favors ratings found in sensationalizing the petty embarrassments of non-right-wing public figures.  This has got to stop.


 The final nail in the coffin for the legitimacy of journalism in America was reached when the media and the Republican congress decided they wanted to crucify President Bill Clinton for a sexual misdeed.  Clinton's sexual act was contrary to the norms held by the Republican congress that runs on a platform of "family values."  It seems conservatives decided to punish him out of their own sexual repression.  Clinton never ran on a campaign touting that the problems our country faces are because of a lack of said "family values."  So why should he be held accountable for the norms of some religious nutsoids?  What Clinton did was not hypocritical on his behalf and it was not against the law.  Sure he cheated on his wife.  I really don't think his wife gave a rat's ass.  Most people can come to grips that the Clinton marriage is a sham.  It may have been well intentioned when they first got married but later became more of a business arrangement.  Much like the recent Texeco-Cheveron merger.  They remained together for the benefits of political clout.  Why else do you think Clinton is such a player and Hillary stays with him?
 Those that defend the action taken against the President claim that it was not about the fact that he received a blow job but because he lied about it...  UNDER OATH!  Well, whoopty-fuckin-doo.  Being misleading is not lying.  The President did not lie about it.  The question laid to him pertained to sex.  He said, essentially, that he did not "technically" have sex.  He got one hell of a BJ (a sexual act), but had no actual sex (intercourse).  The law is about technicalities, not misleading statements.  Journalism is about technicalities and misleading statements.  What did the question have to do with a land deal in Arkansas?  What business was Clinton's sex life to the prosecutors on a which hunt for anything incriminating anyway?
 The media had a heyday with the impeachment.  They reported on it every minute of every day delving deeper into the trousers of the president.  Why weren't they more concerned with the hypocrisies of those in the Republican majority?  After all, these are the men and women who tout that affairs are a sexual deviance and are a root cause of the problems in our society.  Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, Hellen Chenowith...  These are the ones who are "close" to God.  Theses are the ones that claim "family values" are what will make this world better and they are the ones that lied about having extramarital affairs.  A complete Hypocrisy.

 The only person with the balls enough to expose this double standard was porn king Larry Flint.  t is sad that we have multi-billion dollar media services not investigating abuses in our system.  Larry Flint has shamed you and he continues to do so with this years presidential election.


 Larry Flint that is putting the journalistic profession to shame again this year.  Flint was the only person in any media respect that raised the fact that the pro-life (abortion is murder) governor of Texas George W. Bush (The "W" stands for Wstupid) paid for the abortion performed on a former girlfriend.  This was before Roe vs. Wade so the abortion was not only against Bush's beliefs but illegal at the time as well.  Where are the reporters following up on this?  Where are the front page headlines?  "Bush found to be incompetent hypocrite" and the likes.  When a reporter finally asked Bush about this allegation he responded with, "How dare you ask a question like that."  Needless to say he never answered the question and the reporters never followed up on it.

 Flint is not the only one shaming journalists this year; David Letterman has done this as well.  Letterman has been the only person of the media to grill Bush in any form.  What have we come to when a porn king and a comedian are the only ones with the marbles to ask questions?

 I just wish Letterman had more information in his possession to follow through with the asinine claims Bush made on his show.  Bush lied to Letterman when he said that if Letterman wanted clean burning natural gas that we were going to have to open ANWR (the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) in Alaska to drilling.  The thing is that ANWR wouldn't be drilled for natural gas, it would be drilled for oil.  This is not just any oil, but 6 whopping months of oil.  Bush is willing to destroy land that has been clean and pristine for millions, possibly billions of years, and spend 10 years drilling for 6 feaking months of oil.  What the hell kind of priorities are those?!?!  Bush's argument to Letterman was that we need to stop getting our oil from overseas and tap the resources we have here at home.

 The Strategic Oil reserve is the reason we do not tap the resources in the US as much as Bush wants.  In 50 years there will be no more oil to be found anywhere on Earth.  The country that has the largest supply of oil left over 50 years from now will be the indefinite, undisputed military power.  If the US uses up the world's oil supply and keeps its own supply virtually untapped the US will be all powerful in the years to come.  Our military will be the only one with any combustible energy resources left to use and we will be able to march over any enemy that goes against our grain with ease.  Bush does not realize this.  His campaign does not realize this.  Two big oil men, Bush and Cheney don't even know the reason why we have the Strategic Oil Reserves.  If the media had made Letterman aware of this he would have made Bush cry with without even trying.
 George W. Bush and his running-mate Dick Cheney both claim that the military is unprepared for war.  Cheney avoided service in Vietnam as did Gov. Bush.  Bush did this by somehow getting to the top of the waiting list to enter the Air National Guard.  His job was easy; to protect the skies of Dallas from the Viet Cong.  A job in which he was a miserable failure.

He was frequently restricted from flight duty because he was either drunk or hung over.  Bush lied when he said that in 1972 he left Texas to serve in the Alabama Air National Guard.  It is true that he transferred to Alabama but NEVER showed his head and reported for duty.  Why?  Well, you see, this was the beginning era of the US anti-drug campaign and all servicemen were required to undergo drug tests with their physicals.  Bush never had his physical and as a result was permanently restricted from flight duty.  After his poor-ass service Bush still received an Honorable Discharge from the Air National Guard.  Hell, If my were as powerful as George H.W. Bush is I probably could have raped my CO and still have gotten an Honorable Discharge.  Does the media even follow through on the mountains of evidence as well as eye witnesses that claim Bush was lying?  No, they let this little thing slide, but when it comes to Clinton drawing a high number in the draft lottery and not being required to serve in a war he didn't support let's beat it into the ground that Clinton was a "draft dodger."

Bush was a failure in his military service and Cheney was the Secretary of Defense when the military started going "down hill."  Now these two yahoos claim that they are the men to fix the problems our current military endures.  Well, Fancy that.
 On the issue of drugs and Alcohol...  Bush used both, and a lot of each.  Bush makes no beef on the fact that he was a raging drunk for most of his life.  He says that in 1986 on his fortieth birthday he gave up drinking altogether and has never had a drink since.  Isn't that just the sweetest thing you've ever heard?  Well, it's not.  The creep was lying to the whole lot of us.  Bush failed to mention that in 1992 he got buzzed at a wedding and there is video to prove it.  Mr. "I have been clean and sober since 1986" lied to us and has gotten away with it because journalists have let him.  "Liberal Media" my ass.  If the media were liberal in any way Bush would be down by 30 points in the polls right now.

 When reporters asked Bush about his alleged cocaine use Bush shrugged them off.  Why has the news media let him get away with this?  Why have they not delved into his past like they did into Clinton's pants and question friends and frat brothers about this?  What is holding them back?


 Vice President Gore did not say he "invented the Internet."  So shut the hell up about it.  Gore was correct in the respect that he "...took the initiative in creating the Internet."  The Internet did not exist prior to 1989; no matter what anyone tells you.  The Internet came into being when Congress deregulated the Government Orthonet.  The computer network developed to keep information flowing from research outlets in universities to those in the military and those in government offices.  This system was conceived in the late 1950's and did not become the Internet until Gore helped lead the way into deregulating it forming the Internet.  One of the only successful deregulations in US history might I add; unlike California and its Conservative lead deregulation of the power industry.  That move has lead to astronomical energy costs and frequent brownouts because private industry cares more about making a buck than providing the services they are paid to produce.  As a result the power companies are complaining about losing money and they want the government to pay for new power stations that will help them out.  The government was not only able to do this task for half the price of private industry but was able to provide an adequate service to its citizens.  Governor 40 watt of Texas is touting the upcoming deregulation of the power industry in his state as a success thanks to him.  Way to go, smartguy, you can take lobbying money from the power industry and do their bidding so well.

 The Media recently criticized Gore on his story about how his mother sang the "Buy the Union Label" song to him as a child.  They claimed that the song was not written until the 1970's and as a result said Gore lied about this.  The thing the media failed to mention was that the original version of the song was written in 1913.  Did they report their mistakes?  No, they did not.  They have let a misleading news item linger and hurt a legitimate claim made by Gore, again.

 The media never gives big page time or heavy news time to the fact that Bush not only exaggerates but lies through his teeth to the American People.  In the second presidential debate Bush claimed that the men who were charged with the heinous crime of dragging James Byrd to his death behind a pickup truck were going to be put to death (he did so with a grin from ear to ear almost reveling in the blood lust of it).  When it was revealed that only two of the men were going to be put to death and the third was sentenced to life the media did nothing.  Did Bush tell that third guy that he had changed his mind and was going to have him executed against the will of the court anyway?

 At the third presidential debate Bush again knowingly lied to the American people.  Bush claimed that he signed a patient's bill of rights into legislation in Texas when he in fact did just the opposite.  Bush vetoed the bill the first time it passed in the legislature and the second time it passed with such an overwhelming majority that his signature was not needed to make it law.  Regardless of the fact that a signature was no needed Bush went out of his way to not sign the bill giving it is symbolic approval as a form of protest.


 As one the reader can tell I am biased against George dumbya Bush.  The man is what psychologists would characterize as a "functioning idiot."  One who is so incompetent that he cannot ever come to the realization that he is incompetent; so dumb he doesn't know that he is not smart.  My beef with the journalists in this nation is that they do not print this fact.  The Republicans in this country are evil hypocrites and the media does nothing to expose this.  Granted there are some dim bulb Liberals in the US, Senator Patty Murry of Washington comes to mind (still, it is better to be slow and do the right thing than it is to be slow and do evil), but the overall intelligence of liberals in the US has got to be waaaaay above that of their conservative counter parts.  Look at GW Bush, the dufus is going to execute two (three if he had it his way) of his best constituents; the men who killed James Byrd.  Those guys are obviously pro-death penalty (in their minds they executed Byrd) and are big gun-loving racists.  Assholes like them aren't going to vote for a Democrat or a Green.  They are going to go with the party of Klan Man David Duke, Strom "lynch 'em" Thurmond and the like.  The Republicans!  I bet their families have big ol' Bush/Cheny 2000 signs in their yards this very moment.
 I am writing this not just as a rant on the lack of journalism in America (what journalism there is has made America the laughing stock of the rest of the world) but as a way to espouse my political philosophy.  I am liberal and I am proud of that.  It is a fact that to be conservative is to warrant evil; whether you mean well by it or not.  I can make this argument simple by doing this:

Liberal causes, things they fought for:
? An end to slavery
? An end to child labor
? human rights
? A woman's right to vote
? Free public Schools
? For US membership into the League of nations to prevent a second Great War
? Social Security
? A minimum wage
? Union formation
? Medicare/Medicaid
? The 8 hour work day
? Indigent legal services
? Unemployment compensation
? Integration (Brown vs. The Board of Education)
? The Peace-Corps
? Ameri-Corps
? Equal rights for all people
? Voting Rights Act
? Civil Rights Act
? School lunch programs
? Public radio and television
? Head Start
? Funding for the Arts
? After School Programs
? Science to be taught in schools, not religious indoctrination
? The National Parks System
? And Environmental regulations to name a few...

Conservative and right-wing causes, things they fought for:
? To keep slavery
? Segregation (Plessy  vs. Ferguson)
? To keep Child labor at all costs
? Against union formation and for forced labor
? To keep women as property without the right to vote
? They never wanted public schools instead they were all for religious indoctrination at private schools
? Against the minimum wage
? Against Social Security from the start (It was a program they never wanted to begin with. Now they claim that they are the ones qualified to "save" it.  Go figure.)
? Have always been against human rights
? They were against the creation of Medicare and Medicaid (two more programs they are now suddenly qualified to "save")
? They never liked the creation of National Parks and want to sell off to thee highest bidder (good idea guys)
? Prayer in Schools
? Against the Voting Rights Act
? Against the Civil Rights Act
? Anti-science and pro religious indoctrination in schools
? Against the Peace-Corps
? Against Ameri-Corps
? Against Head Start (Now they claim that this program is a big success)
? Anti-envirionment
? I might as well add that they have been the racist, homophobic segment of the population since dirt was new

 It is sad that a nineteen year old punk-ass kid (me) a comedian and a porn king can do the job of journalists better than the journalists themselves.  They should feel ashamed of themselves for their lack of journalistic integrity.  I ask the journalists and the American people, who do you want representing you and your country?  Whose actions should you defend?  Republicans, Conservatives and those on the right-wing of the spectrum are evil.  Don't defend them and don't vote for them.


-Houston Wade
(quite possibly one of the smartest people in America)

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