Crime Does Pay:
Katherine Harris Elected to The Council on Foreign Relations
 by Larry Chin © 2000


Katherine Harris has been elected as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
This little nugget, which surfaced in a footnote-sized bit in the February 16th issue of
U.S. News & World Report, is alarmingly significant in its implications.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the pre-eminent "policy committee" which includes high ranking members
from governments, the wealthy elite, corporate chiefs, high finance, big oil, and spooks from the intelligence and
military communities.  Its members slither between cabinet-level posts (in both Republican and Democratic
administrations) and CEO suites. The policies formulated by this group become U.S. government policy. The CFR
holds the power to declare wars and assassinate people, manipulate financial markets, and essentially "runs the
world". The CFR is affiliated with the Trilateral Commission. David Rockefeller is a top-ranking member of both
groups. As are the George Bushes and Alan Greenspan.

One does not simply join this cabal.
One is invited.

We must ask ourselves how and why Katherine Harris---the hateful and venomous apparatchik
whose sole career accomplishments were to have affairs with both Bush brothers and to commit
election fraud and treason---was invited to join one of the most dominant (and some would say
the most influential) cabals on the face of the earth.

According to investigator Sherman Skolnick (, Harris' crimes predate the stolen presidential
election. As Florida secretary of state, Katherine Harris was the Bush family's bag lady. She supervised a massive
money laundering operation, funneling upwards of $75 million in clandestine funds for the Bush family. She was also
responsible for the concealment of records for various shell corporations operating illegally within the United States. It
is also rumored that she assisted with Bush financial games long before becoming state secretary in Jeb's

Harris' election to the CFR offers clear evidence to the values and ethics espoused by this panel of "concerned

What does it say about corporate America that CEOs applaud Harris' unsavory activities?

For her lifetime of service to the world's top crime family, and for assisting in a corporate/right wing coup d'etat of
historic proportions, the CFR membership is Harris' big, fat thank you gift, and her invitation to participate in future
plundering---alongside the really big boys.

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