Injustice Antonin "Three-Fingers" Scalia Visits Milwaukee
    by Andy Elliot

        I am near Chicago and was disappointed to have missed the Chimp's visit
here last week (due to work commitments), so when I found out about Scalia's coming
to Marquette University in Milwaukee, I loaded up the truck and headed up Nort', narrowly
avoiding being swept off the road by tractor-trailers 3 separate times.  They may have been
offended by the "I Dissent - Impeach the Traitors" sign in my window, or maybe they
could see my "Buck Fush" Bartcop t-shirt.

        But I was not to be stopped.  I made it safely and walked up to the protest site holding
my sign as I passed the long line of people waiting to hear the Injustice speak.  Heads turned,
whispers and snickers went up, people pointed at the freak, but in all fairness a few people
clapped and waved, so not all the people in line wanted to hear him because they agreed with
his feudal world-view.  Hopefully someone smuggled in some rotten tomatoes.
        We got some media attention.  I counted 3 TV trucks, 2 print reporters, and 1 radio reporter.
Still, in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article this morning
( we got only about 4 lines.
        We got a Lot of police attention: I counted 8 security guards (Marquette police?), 4 patrol cars,
1 patrol truck, and 3 horse police who ended up fouling the street so much that they were the ones
slowing down traffic.  Drivers were slowing up to see what was going on, but also to see if they
could avoid the steaming piles of horseshit (in the street, not the one inside speaking).
The horses left before I did, and the police hadn't cleaned up yet.
To tell the truth, the police made more of a mess than we did!

        The police were very concerned that none of us step off the sidewalk onto Marquette's "lawn"
(read "mud pit").  They also got very nervous any time we stopped walking on the sidewalk and
stood around. "Folks, move along, keep walking", so we walk up and down the sidewalk in a long
flat circle, but then we were apparently walking too far down the sidewalk, so they sent an officer
to stand on the sidewalk and turn us around.  Whatever.  Walking too far must make it look like
there are a lot of us, and the police don't want to let us give that impression!
        Lots of singing and chanting and yelling.  Myself, I liked the yelling.
        Some chants:  "1,2,3,4 Stop the War on the Poor", "2,4,6,8 Supreme Court stop the hate",
the old standby "Hey-hey, ho-ho, Judge Scalia's got to go", and a favorite of mine that didn't last too long,
"Antonin Scalia - a perfect Judge for North Korea".

        Some signs:  "Recall Scalia's Vote - Protect our Civil Rights", "Scalia in contempt of the People",
"Support People in Poverty, not Big Business Interests", "Term Limits for Corrupt Judges",
"Scalia, a Great Justice - for Afghanistan".
        I'd estimate about 200-225 people marching, with no counter-demonstrators (no pro-Scalians).
A couple of people drove by and yelled stuff like "Go Home" (easy to yell from your car, tough guy),
but I noticed more people waving and nodding.  I got waves from people old and young, black and white,
men and women, so don't forget the silent majority is out there.

        So my main point is if you can get to one of these things it was a lot of fun, even if you have to go
out of your way a bit.  It's very heartening to see so many people who can't get over it.  People are mad,
and when you see a bunch of your fellow angry citizens, it gives you some hope that we can beat this thing.

        I feel good today because I got a chance to yell stuff at a leading fascist, and ruin his appearance.
One of the organizers pointed out that they must have been able to hear us inside because we were close
and we were loud.  Scalia can spout his lies till his last breath, but those lies will do less harm if we get out
and speak against them.  It is only just that Scalia and the rest of the Rehnquist 5 be hounded to their
deathbeds by calls for them to be arrested and tried for treason.  He doesn't even have the guts to come out
and debate us.  So much for strong convictions - he'll do his cowardly work in the Star Chamber of
the Supreme Court, and never go anywhere he might have to justify himself.

Andy Elliott, Angry Citizen

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