Subject:   Take the Pledge
In observance of the appointment of George W. Bush to the Presidency of the United States
-- I, a member the loyal opposition, pledge my support through the following resolution:
1.  I will recognize the legitimacy of the 43rd President and personally
     extend him the authority and powers of his office.
2.  I will disregard shady allegations concerning his past.
3.  I will not concern myself with his private life.
4.  I will not disparage members of his family.
5.  I will not engage in petty quibbling about the perquisites of his office.
6.  I will acknowledge that all travel to foreign countries is necessary to conducting international affairs.
7.  I will not label him as a criminal, murderer, rapist, traitor or
     other slanderous accusation without proof of it being true.
8.  I will not speculate about the size or shape of his penis.
9.  I will be skeptical of people trying to exploit past associations  for financial gain.
10.  I will ignore media that devote the majority of their efforts to wholly-biased criticism of the President.
11.  I will fully recognize him as Commander-In-Chief and support him vigorously in
       whatever military actions he might deem necessary to protect the interests of the U.S.
12.  I will not stand outside his church to hector him.
       I pledge all these things in equal measure to the respect and courtesies
       extended to the departing President by his political opposition.

       -- Chango --

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