I just heard Chris Matthews's passionate pleas on the vulgar Pigboy's show.
  The Pigboy is playing tape of Matthews whining:

 "The only reason you guys (the right) are playing those audio tapes of JFK
   are because he's not here to defend himself. How cowardly of you to use
   his words when you KNOW he can't defend himself.
   JFK never supported the right, he never ran as a Republican.

   Right now, JFK is in Arlington Cemetary because that communist nut
   put a bullet in his brain and I reject your trashing his memory this way."

 Dear Chris,

 Fuck you.
 You have been sucking Republican cock for years.
 You have no right to speak for anybody to the left of Rush Limbaugh.
 Your hunger for Clinton's cock has been insatiable.

 You have done more harm to the Democrats than this bullshit, back-stabbing John Kennedy ad.
 You have raped and murdered the truth a thousand times, you lying whore.
 You have accused the Clintons of murder and every other crime in the book
   when you knew it wasn't true, you mother-fucking slimeball of a whore.

 You have sucked Rush's cock again and again and again.
 Whenever Rush mentions the "truthful media," he always mentions you,
 because you have been his willing cabanaboy for years.

 Whenever you needed a little spike in the ratings, you invited Rush on your show.
 Everyone knows Rush won't go on a left-leaning or neutral show.
 He will only appear on a show with like-minded, right-wing, ass-licking whores like you.
 You fit that description to an "N," you insufferable, pompous son of a bitch.

 You are a disgrace, just like your fellow ass-licking,  illegitimate whore Tim Russert.
 What possessed you  bastards to turn Judas?

 Now that Smirk has illegally siezed power, (partly due to you anti-truth press whores)
 you think you can just hop the fence, rejoin the good guys, and call it "bygones?"

 No, Mr. Matthews.
 You need to go fuck yourself.
 We don't want you back.
 Once you suck Rush Limbaugh's cock, you're his whore forever.

 I'm old enough to remember when you had some credibility, just like Tim the Whore.
 But that money feels good, doesn't it, Chris?
 You like that money, you like the way it feels, and that's OK.
 But you, Sir, are Rush's personal cock-sucker, so we have no use for you.

 I don't care if you knew the Kennedys.
 I don't give a fuck if you worked for the Kennedys.
 I don't give a flying goddamn if you're godfather to some Kennedy nephews.

 You're a worthless, partisan whore who sold his dignity and self-respect to Rush Limbaugh.
 You've been carrying the water for the anti-civil rights crowd the last eight years.
 How the fuck do you think we'd ever take you back?

 If John Kennedy were to miraculously appear, would he even know you?
 I don't think he would.

 Currently, the Democratic Party is loaded with spineless weenies and scared bunnies.
 We don't need traitorous assholes on our side, you disloyal prick.

 I wouldn't want you back if you had Smirk's cocaine bust mug shot.
 I wouldn't want you back if you had an exclusive interview with that teenager
  that Smirk paid to have the abortion.
 I wouldn't want you back if you had a copy of the orders to overlook Smirk's AWOL.

 Stay on their side, you worthless son of a bitch.
 Matter of fact, if your parents are alive, you may want to consider suicide.
 Don't think I'm kidding, either.
 I can't imagine the shame and horror you're brought on them.

 You are the worst kind of dogshit, like Pat Caddell, Tim the Whore or George Judas Maximus Steffanopolous.
 We expect lies and  horseshit from Hannity and the vulgar Pigboy and the others.
 They've never been taken seriously by anybody but inbred, white-power tobacco whores.
 You and Caddell and Tim the Whore were once respected.
 But the second you got a whiff of Clinton's cock - you were hooked.

 So, Chris Matthews, you sleep with the fishes.
 You are shit-eater non grata.

 Please shut your fucking mouth until Rush is ready to use it again.
 I don't ever want to hear you speak for the Democrats again.

 It's too late for apologies, asshole.
 You are a worthless, opportunistic for-sale-to-anybody whore.
 Please, please fuck yourself and then die.

 I can't stand a traitor.

 One other thing, Mr Shit-for-brains:
 The vulgar Pigboy is on his second hour of fucking you.
 He's filling his show with calls from ditto-monkeys talking about what an idiotic,
 worthless fuck you are, and they are right.

 Now you are deeply despised by both sides.
 That is fitting and proper, you disgusting scumbag.
 Please, please consider that suicide option.

 I'm begging you, you worthless, back-stabbing traitor.


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