Subject: Page only please

Hiya Bart,

I vote for page only. When surfing the internets I can't listen to your radio show and read at the same time 
and surfing is mostly reading for me. The Nazis at work have (state government) made it policy to not allow 
any web use but I do cheat and look at a couple of sites everyday (used to be you and Buzzflash). 

Since you no longer post daily pages I don't take the chance on your website any longer which really sucks 
because you have/had the best political/humor website on the nets (IMHO).

I regret that I can't keep up a faster pace. 
I was Lucy in the candy factory in, ...what, ...1999?

I do like your voice and what I've heard of your shows.
Sorry that I am not a subscriber but like I said I can't listen and do computer work. 
A far as the listening while on the road, well it is usually old news by the time I get to hear it. 

Dude, the classics never get old! 

TIME and Newsweek are 6 days late, 
Rolling Stone is a good 2 weeks late 
and Playboy is maybe 60 days late. 
Are they all worthless?
If you want timely, you have FOX and MSGOP.

Plus, hopefully my commentary isn't a repeat of every on-the-take, asshole-millionaire, 
Bush-fellating, media-whore you see on the TV cable channels.

Last year I did give $20 each to and Kerry (for Kerry it was the worst $20 I ever spent).
There are those of us who want you everyday (not in the Gannon/Mehlman way) and your show has ended that.

But when one door closes, does not another open up?
(I gotta admit, part of me wants to go postal here.)

Now for some politics. I believe you're right/correct on the gun issue, the left has chased middle class white America 
to the right on this one. Religion-sucks on most all fronts.  Hillary: not sure where I stand but it doesn't much matter. 
Even if the lightening rod Hillary got elected it would be a 24/7/365) am radio, cable news and MSM smear campaign, 
just like with Bill and Jimmy (with whom they were just finding their Goering legs). 

Dude, it's gonna be a monstrous 24/7/365 fascist media gangbang even if we nominate Jesus of Nazareth.
Instead of Hillary, we should third-time-in-a-row nominate a nice Democrat and beg the Republicans for mercy?
Fuck that.

One last point, the entire political process in this country is broken. Money has become 
the holy grail, the voter is left out of the process as much as is possible by both parties. 

I kinda agree and I kinda don't.
Money has never not been the biggest part of politics.
When was the last time a pauper was president?

The left is part of the problem in that they have allegiances to the quick buck as much as the right, 
they have to, it's the only way one can get elected but they don't want change as much as the right doesn't. 

Dude, well stated.
Even Democrats figured out you should take a gun to a gunfight.
Hell, ...I'm kinda proud of them for that.

I know we need another party but then Congress would work overtime to kill anything coming from that party. 
I have my own idea for a party though: NOTA, None Of The Above, I think 10% of the vote the first year would be attainable.

I'm not sure having "None Of The Above" in charge during of a disaster like Katrina is a winner.
We saw that movie - we don't want to see it a second time.

I know you're busy, I've considered writing many times over the years, just never had the guts to send.

Dude, it's not about guts. You just need that urge.
Sometimes I get mail, "Bart, been reading 4 years, never wrote before..."


If *I* had something to say, I'd click the  Comments?  and send in my opinion.
BTW, if you know any righty web sites that print Lib-MonkeyMail, send me that link.

And if you think one person can't do anything - think Cindy Sheehan
She had nothing more than an opinion and a determination not to be ignored.
History could record her as the sanest woman of the Bush Error.

It was the "show vs. page" debate that did it for me.
In the Koreschian spirit I will offer up a small pittance via paypal for your webpage and work. 
Thanks for that.

Dude, what we should do is have a BartCop Convention and have delegates all vote.
I like doing the page, I like doing the radio, too.
As time goes by, it may become easier for me to speak than type.

One day I'd love to light one up with you over a couple of shots and some good tunes.

Dude, make the next Pokerfest/Tequilafest/Kareokefest and that's a given...

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