Subject: Ted Nugent Rush Napstar,Guns and hypocracy

Dear Bartcop:  I live your sight.  It is refreshing to see that some Americans won't "get over it."
"It being the subversion of Democracy.

 I was listening to the gaseous fascist (AKA Pigboy) on Tuesday. Pigboy was reading from
Ted Nugent's article in the Wall Street Journal. Ted was angry that people were getting his music
for free and was celebrating Napstar's demise.  All I could think is that Nugent is a huge hypocrite.

The moment anyone mentions gun safety Teddy gets in loincloth in bunch and intones braves words
about freedom and the individual.  Government has no right to regulate my guns.  It doesn't matter how
many kids get killed in Columbine Paducah, Santee, Oregon, or Flint because his principles are at stake.

But if someone downloads "Stranglehold off of Napstar, Ted runs to the apron strings of big mommy government.
"Stop it!  Stop it!  It's not fair!  They're stealing my music!  Shut them down! Shut them down!"

    Hey Ted this is the market.  Obviously, CDs are priced too high.
The miracle of the market and technology corrects this irrational situation.
As a capitalist, you should understand.

    Bartcop,  I am nearing forty and I have a memory from the mid-80's.  Farmers were getting screwed
and losing their land and homesteads--homesteads that had been passed down for generations.
I remember hearing from conservatives when i expressed my concern about such matters was that
farmers were obsolete, that they were like stage coach manufacturers or flintlock repairmen.

    I submit that the recording industry will go the way of the buggy manufacturers.  Capitalism and
technology have made it obsolete.  It does not deserve the protection of the United States Government
anymore than the architectural firm that specialized in out-houses or makers of tall ships.

I personally think that Lars and Ted should trade in their loincloths for panties.

San Berdu

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