From: The Unbiased Reporter

Subject: Let's settle this Reagan thing
        For anyone who was there and paying attention, the Reagan Years
can only be summed up in one word:  DISASTER.

There was the Deficit Disaster;
The Savings & Loan Disaster;
The Challenger Disaster;
The Beirut Disaster where over 200 Marines died
The Lockerbie Disaster,
The 1987 Stock Market Crash;
The Commercial Real Estate Collapse;
The Junk Bond Disaster;
The Arms for Hostages crisis
The "We begin bombing in five minutes" debacle.
Trickle-downsizing, and the laying off of millions,
Corporate Pension Raiders;
The explosion in the numbers of homeless;
The longest and deepest recession since 1929;
The biggest debt ever accumulated by any president in history.
The budget cuts.
(And when you hear Rush and Hannity say, "They were NOT cuts, that's just a
bunch of lies told by liberals to discredit a great leader," show them this)

People working harder and harder for less money - but Oh,
the super-rich got their big tax cut - you can bet that happened.
 - all of these a direct result of Reagan policies and decisions.
How do you think he got the name "Red-Ink Reagan?"

      I am hard pressed to come up with any Reagan Act or Policy that resulted in anything good.
The best his supporters can muster is to say he "made us feel good about ourselves".

Who is "us'?

         I never heard a black guy say Reagan made him feel good about himself.
Never heard a Hispanic or immigrant say that Reagan made them  feel good about themselves.
Never heard that from any single mothers; or from any Americans who happen to be gay;
never heard it from any of the low income people , or from any of the the millions of homeless;

       When they say "Reagan made 'Us' feel good, they must be talking about the old, white,
fat, selfish and greedy whites-only tobacco whores who chased Clinton's cock for nine years.

       When they say "Us", they mean Jesse Helms, Jerry Falwell, Sean Hannity, Strom Thurman,
Bob Jones, the vulgar Pigboy, David Duke, Pat Robertson, Linsey Graham, Bob Dornan, Bill O'Reilly,
The Beltway Boys, Chris Matthews, Peggy Noonan and CNN's current lineup of news anchors.

       Reagan boosters say he won the Cold War, but I can't come up with any Reagan Policy
that could have had any impact on the fall of the Soviet Union.

       If we're looking for the man who brought the Russians to their knees, look at Jimmy Carter.
Yes, that Jimmy Carter. He was a man of action, not words.

      When he was president, Jimmy Carter embargoed grain from going to Russia.
(And yes, the Russians were able to get it elsewhere, but at a higher price, starting an inflationary
spiral the same way an OPEC oil increase does to energy prices in this country.)

      Carter boycotted the Soviet-hosted 1980 Olympics, (a very unpopular move at the time)
denying them a worldwide Public Relations coup and propaganda tool. Carter also provided
Stinger Missles to the Afgan Rebels, which enabled them to hold off the Soviet invasion which
embarrassed the last institution of pride the Russians had left, their weakened military.

      Of Course, Saint Reagan uttered the famous words, "Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall,"
but as any educated person knows (and Republicans hope today's young people won't find out)
is that Mr. Gorbachov did NOT tear down that wall.  In fact, Reagan's toothless threats allowed
the Soviet Regime to blame the United States for their internal problems and it gave the Old Guard
the excuse they needed to hold on to power a little longer.

       However, I don't want to be all negative, Reagan did conquer Grenada.
A proud moment in American Military history. Well, actually, the Invasion of Grenada was
meant to distract the simple-minded Americans who just watched Reagan bungle his invasion
of Beirut where over 200 marines were murdered by Reagan's trading partners, Hezbollah.

       To the horror of the Republican Party, some of us remember. The Joint Chiefs wanted our
marines to be housed on our ships at sea, where they'd be safe. But the Reagan White House
thought it would "look better" if those brave men slept on land, instead. This disasterous decision,
made by political hacks at the White House and approved by the senile and confused president
over the objections of the Joint Chiefs cost hundreds of brave men their lives.

      Can you imagine the years of endless hearings that Dan Burton, Bob Barr and the rest
would have held if Bill Clinton had personally overruled the Joint Chiefs and gotten 220
marines killed because Sandy Berger thought it might "look better?" But since this disaster
had nothing to do with Bill Clinton or his zipper, it was quickly forgotten.

      I hope this clears up the Reagan era for those young people who don't remember it.
The Reagan years brought war, recession, misery and Dickensian poverty. Most people have
memories of the eighties they'd like to forget. But some people - the the old, white, fat, selfish
and greedy whites-only tobacco whores - felt very differently about the eighties.
     They loved Reagan - and what he did to America.
Unbiased Reporter

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