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Hey BC-

The local on-air ditto spank is on board, and actually may not be such an evil guy.
He's not a limbaugh protogé, at least not in the bit I talked to him last night.
I still could use some help though.

Topic 1 is school shootings.
Whatchya think?


Gun laws work in countries with less than 100,000,000 guns.
The GOP has some responsibility with their message of  "more guns and less education."

The Ten Commandments didn't help those kids in Indiana
 or wherever that second recent school shooting was.

If kids took a knife to school, instead of a gun, they could only stab one or two before being grabbed.
Anyone can pick up a chair and fight a killer with a knife.

(a big one) If those kids had revolvers, they could "only" shoot six kids, then they'd have to stop
and reload, in which time survivors could pummel his ass with a chair. With E-Z-load automatics,
they can shoot hundreds of rounds without taking more than a 2-3 second break.

Chris Rock was kidding, but he said, "Why not outlaw bullets?"
Old bullets don't work very well. Often, they just don't fire.
If we added a dollar per bullet tax, and $500 per pound tax on black powder
bullets would be scarce in a few years.

(and before you say "liberals think taxes are the answer to everything," in this case taxes are
 an effective way to price bullets our of the reach of most people. It's called supply and demand.)

The NRA is so crazy, they fight against having taggants in f-ing dynamite.
That means they see a 2nd Amendment right to explode dynamite
without the explosives being tracked back to the purchaser.

I think Canada had 7 gun murders last year, yet they get the same movies, TV shows
and video games we get. The biggest difference is the availability of guns here.

(a big one) What happens if Bill Gates or another billionaire wants to
buy 10,000 automatic weapons and train 10,000 men? Right now,
there are no laws to prevent that, which is kinda scary.

Cops hate armor-piercing bullets, which is understandable since
they often wear armor to charge a crack house or whatever.
The NRA loves armor-piercing bullets, more of that "absolute" 2nd Amendment crap.
That's one reason Waco burned - the firemen knew Koresh has bullets that could pierce their trucks.
If the NRA is anti-law enforcement, they must be pro-crime.

Guns laws vary from state to state, which is crazy.
They love guns in Texas (80,000,000 by itself) but you can get
mandatory jail time in NY or Boston - that's crazy.
I didn't know, so I took my Glock to NY and Boston.
How was I supposed to know?
Should I research every law of every state I visit on vacation?

(big one) there's a diff between owning a gun or three and being a gun nut.

Misinformation: Daryl Gates, former LA Police Chief said:
"Smoking pot causes more damage than a machine gun in Times Square at noon."

Pin the guy down: ask him if he's for ANY gun laws.
If he says "no," tell him he just endorsed drunk 8th graders with machine guns at school.
When he says "be serious," point out HE was the one with the absolute language.

When he starts to back down, ask if bazookas or rocket launchers are OK.
Then ask him how many guns is enough - a dozen?  50?   500?   5000?

Ask him if he ever heard of someone being accidentally killed while cleaning a knife.

In closing, I don't know your gun views, but to win, you shouldn't be
absolutist the other way. If you say "No guns, ever," he could win.

Good luck, lemme know what happens,


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