From Jay, AKA Super Steve

Hey All,

We have a plan:

ANSWER is going to be meeting around 9 AM at 4th and Penn Ave.

We will meet at the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metrotrain station (7th and F St. Exit) at 8 AM.
We will then walk down to where ANSWER is located to distribute signs and
generally oppose anything that reeks of support for the current administration.  ha ha
It is about 5 blocks from our meeting point to ANSWER's staging point.

While not necessary, a RSVP would be nice from anyone that is planning on meeting us at Gallery Place Metro.
For more info or directions etc., I can be reached at super_steve_1234@yahoo.com or

The weather looks like it will be as good as it gets in balmy Washington DC-cloudy
and a high of 41 with an early morning low of 25.  So people should dress appropriately!

We will have at least one legal observer with us, so if we have any troubles, there will be documented proof.
Beyond that people should go to www.j20legal.org to find out what their legal rights are with regard to questioning
and harassment by police.

In DC you do not need to carry ID unless you are driving, and the cops can lie to you.

We are trying to get something set up for after (BBQ, bar/dinner meeting, post-bail party),
but those plans will depend on how many people contact us.

If you have any questions, changes or issues, feel free to email or call me.

Jay AKA Super Steve

As of Monday afternoon, we have more signs and more expenses than we have people.

People with experience tell us no matter how many posters we make, we'll run out.
We have between 300-400 signs ready to be assembled, but we need more volunteers
to meet with  super_steve_1234@yahoo.com   to get them ready to hand out by Thursday
(Those are underscores before and after 'steve' as in super_steve_1234@yahoo.com)

Also, expenses are higher than anticipated.

Click  Here   if you'd like to donate $5, $10, $25 or more so we'll lose less money

...but mostly we need more people.

We're hoping to have a ton of pictures in the days after.

Plus, Priority Number One is to stay safe and do not give the riot police a reason to attack.

If you're going to be in DC the day of the Monkey's Coronation, contact STEVE and ask how you can help.

 Click   Here  if you need to reach Bart

Monkey protest Jan 20, 2005

We are producing and distributing protest signs for the Monkey Inaugural protests on Thursday January 20.

We heard from many of you via return emails that were sent a number of weeks ago but now
its time to kick this into high gear. If you live in the DC area or are coming to town for the protests
we need some help arranging the logistics and people to assemble and distribute the signs.

I know some of you have already indicated your willingness to help, provide space for assembly, etc.
Now that we're close we want to get reconfirmation and move ahead.

Here is a quick overview of where we are at and more importantly what we still need.

Our goal right now is to design and print 3 different signs for the protests.
The sign designs are close to being finalized and I have attached two for your viewing enjoyment.


One is from Surreal Neal and Don in California who are graciously printing signs for BC)
and the other from c@ in Brooklyn.

In addition we're getting designs/signs printed next week in the DC area (near Baltimore)
thanks to our man Kronos.

Wouldn't you be proud to let the world know how you feel about Our Monkey?
Camera crews from all over the world will be there.

Right now we need some anchors in the DC area who can:

+ Receive (have shipped to you) and/or pick up the signs when they are ready (150 to 200 from CA and
  200 or more from near Baltimore (loction is about an hour out of DC.)
+ Get the signs assembled (probably entails stapling cardboard sign holders to each sign - one sided or two different signs.)
+ Determine and arrange the location(s) for distribution of the signs
+ Oversee distribution of the signs on the 20th (and/or prior)

Other opportunities include
reporting on the event,
taking pictures for the page,
helping out-of-towners get where they need to be and other misc. needs as they arise.
To make things easier I think we may be able to piggyback off of some of the other organizer's events,
facilities and distribution points (see resources list below.)

If you still are interested and available to help before hand, the day of the coronation or just want to hang with some
fellow Bartcoppers please send us an email at bartcop-protest@bartcop.com  and tell us what you can do.
Once we confirm who can do what we will put some of you in touch with each other to coordinate various details.

Those of you who aren't able to help but are planning on being in town for the protest
watch the page for details of where to pick up signs, hang with BC types, etc.

Thanks again for your interest.
Let's do some hammering on the Monkey Boy administration and have some fun while we're at it!

Bart and Jim and Neil and Don and C@ and YOU  if you'd like to get involved.

Let us hear from you!   bartcop-protest@bartcop.com

Counter Inaugural links and resources


 http://www.internationalanswer.org/ (check out the new promo video for the protest)



 http://www.turnyourbackonbush.org/ (and show him your sign :)



 http://www.redefeatbush.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=225> (counter inaugural ball!)


 http://www.backbonecampaign.org/page.cfm?ID=68 (stay a day to tell the spineless Dems to get one!)

 http://pdamerica.org/summitDC2005/agenda.php (Progressive Dems Summit the days following the inauguration)

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