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It’s amazing how those shrill voices from the right fall silent when
confronted with the truth.  Take John McCaslin of the Washington Times,
for example.  When BuzzFlash wrote a well-documented piece about how the
Washington Times printed lies about the “trashing” of Air Force One,
McCaslin never admitted wrong doing.

At first, he wrote to some of our readers that he stood by his articles,
but then he fell curiously silent.  He has yet to respond directly to
BuzzFlash’s question: “Are you calling President Bush a Liar, because he
says that the story about the 'looting' of Air Force One was not true?”
Not a peep from him or the Washington Times, owned by the Moonies, about that one.

A BuzzFlash reader also noticed that the Washington Times, ever quick to
protect Bush’s butt, was wrong in claiming that there were no Bush donors
about the infamous Nuclear submarine:

“You've all probably read this article at Salon by now.  The other day,
when the Moonie Times claimed that there were no Bush campaign
contributors on board. Well, check this excerpt from Today's Salon out:

 "Passenger Hellen Cullen comes from a family that has business links with
pardoned felon Marc Rich. Cullen's father-in-law, Roy Cullen, is the owner
of Quintana Petroleum of Houston, which, the New York Daily News reports,
created a business partnership in Argentina with Rich's Suedelektra
Holdings during the 1980s.

One unidentified White House source told the Daily News that there was a
"tremendous amount of nervousness at the White House about who these guys are."
The Cullen family has donated tens of thousands of dollars in soft money to the GOP.
And Roy Cullen donated $1,000 to George W. Bush's presidential campaign."

  Full story at

Here's the WashTimes link:

What’s the new slogan of the Washington Times, “All the Lies are Fit to Print”?

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