The Next Step

 Tally, nice report, and I have some good news for you.
 The very best thing you can do next is go to a bar with LOTS of
 different brands of tequila. As fun as your report was, it was missing
 the best part about tequila which is tasting the difference in brands.

 They do this at the Venetian:
 They'll let you buy shots for $10 or $12
 you can buy 3 shots 1/3 full for the same amount.
 That's the most fun you can have with liquid.

 You try the Herradura Anejo, then the Porfidio, then the Patron Anejo.
 Pick the one you like the best.

 Then try the Don Philipe El Tesoro, the Casa Noble and the Casta Weber Azul.
 Pick the one you like best.

 Then try the Lapis Anejo, then the Cabo Wabo then the Zafarrancho Anejo.
 Pick the one you like best.


 Get the three winners from the first round, re-taste and pick the one you like best.

 THEN compare the winner to the Chinaco Anejo and tell me who the champ is!

 ha ha

 Oh, Cheeses, I need a shot right now!!

 When you get back from the big birthday bash at the Venetian in May,
 I'll expect a report heavy with brand names and beautiful, descriptive adjectives like
"fruity, smokey, mango, baked apple, wildflowers and pears."

 Then you will be a tequila expert.

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