Subject: When Smirk Wows Catholics

Bartcop -- as always, excellent site. Thanks for tellin' it like it is.

I read with interest the blub about Bush and the Catholics. I used to be a Catholic, until I wised up and realized
they were delusional blithering idiots.  Not as delusional as the fundies out here in Oklahoma, but almost.

Anyway, I was struck by one statement Bush made, which demonstrates to me, yet again, how this man has
absolutely no idea what he's talking about. "...Bush lauded the pontiff and his support for a "culture of life.''
The culture of life is a welcoming culture, never excluding, never dividing, never despairing and always
affirming the goodness of life in all its seasons,''

What kind of dumb ass shit is Smirky talking about?
Since when have Catholics ever demonstrated a culture of welcome, never excluding, never dividing?
This is the same death-worshipping pixie cult that believes they're going to get to go to a magic, happy place
when they die? Everyone else is gonna burn in hell because they are heathens, yet Smirky thinks that's a sign
of a "culture of life?" What a sad testament to Bush's misguided morality. Pfeh.
So Catholics never exclude, eh Smirk?

You ought to try to attend a Catholic mass and try to receive a sacrament, say communion.
"Never excluding," my ass. All christers exclude. That's the way they are.
"If you aren't for christ, you're against him."

And "never dividing"? I guess those papal crusades were just a little innocent misunderstanding,
it wasn't about wiping heathens out, eh Smirky? And this "goodness of life" crap is laughable.
I was raised Catholic -- I went to Catholic schools.

Maybe it's just because I'm an atheist and I can't take people cramming self-righteous lies in my face
like Bush has done here that sets me off so. Sure, Clinton pretended to be pious for the people,
but he wasn't throwing religion in my face every hour like the idiot king.

(Rant over  ;-)

Dan Chaney

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