A time for outrage
 By Jon Dougherty
 and the Clinton-haters at WorldNetDaily.com

"I choose not to describe what acts were done that we found upon arrival because I think that's part
of changing the tone in Washington. I think it would be easy for us to reflect and to discuss these
things and to be critical. President Bush chooses to set a different tone. The president understands
that transitions can be times of difficulty and strong emotion. And he's going to approach it in that vein."

That's what White House spokesman Ari Fleischer told reporters late last week when word that
departing juvenile delinquents in the Clinton-Gore administration had caused upwards of $200,000
worth of damage to various offices in the White House West Wing and Old Executive Office
Building before President George W. Bush's staffers came in to take over.

If Mr. Bush really does feel this way and Mr. Fleischer's comments were not complete spin, then
this is just one of the many reasons why Mr. Bush is president and I'm not - because I'll be
damned if I'd let these worthless, bitter little Clinton-Gore trolls get by with this.

Personally, I'm outraged -- and I think it's high time the rest of America finally became outraged
too. A handful of criminal poor sports just cost taxpayers -- liberal, conservative, religious, atheist,
moderate, extremist -- more money than 95 percent of us make in a year.

And why? Because they were ticked off that Gore lost. That's it; that's the "reason."

Mr. Fleischer said that Mr. Bush believes "transitions can be times of difficulty and strong emotion."
Fair enough, but at what point does criminal vandalism perpetrated by some of the most juvenile
idiots ever to darken the noble walls of the White House enter into this "consideration?"

Whizzing in trash cans?
Going "No. 2" on desks?
Scraping off official seals?
Introducing computer viruses into computers?
Trashing entire computer systems?

Can we remember, please, that everything inside the halls of government is paid for
by the taxpayers of this country? And as I see it, the taxpayers have a case.

Politically speaking, for an administration that hopes to rebuild our shattered principle of personal
responsibility, I vote for sending the Justice Department on a crusade until they round up every
single one of the people who did these things and throw the blessed book at 'em.

Oh, you think that's "small-minded?" "Unnecessary?" "Too extreme?" If you think that, you ought to
be applying those same terms to the acts of vandalism and stupidity committed by the losers that just
left office. They -- not me, or any other American who wants to see justice done here -- are the
cause of this; they should be held accountable for what they've done.

You know, most liberals and I disagree on just about every "issue of the day." That's OK, because
in this country, we're allowed to disagree and we're allowed to voice our opinions.

In that vein, it is perfectly legal (though in incredibly bad taste) for the Clinton-Gore people to leave
office and bitch about G.W. Bush for the next four years. Whatever floats their boat.

But these senseless acts of vandalism and juvenile criminality go beyond simply "voicing your
opinion" about Mr. Bush and his election victory. They are acts of incredible insanity aimed at every
single one of us, regardless of our political beliefs and persuasions. After all, no matter who is in
office, we all "own" this government of ours; it is all of us, as Mr. Bush said in his inaugural speech.

I find it hard to accept that in this country, politics has become so nasty that these are the kinds of
people now "leading" us. If we let them get by with this, there is no possible way you could argue
that we, as a nation, would be better off.

This insanity, in my view, also may have implications far beyond our own feelings of betrayal. The
Bush administration might think about the ramifications of doing nothing as it relates to the world

Right now all foreign eyes are upon us, and you can bet your biscuits that all major world leaders
know by now what the Clinton-Gore people did. If we let them get by with this, what will it say
about the strength of the Bush administration? Not every culture is like ours; in some global circles,
by doing nothing we look like a bunch of weak-willed, spineless weenies.

I support throwing the book at these people not because I so "loathe" the Clinton-Gore
administration (which is true, and this is one reason why). I don't support going after them because I
am a conservative columnist and supporter of the current regime.

I say, "Go after 'em!" because I am an American citizen who cherishes my freedom, cherishes my
institutions, cherishes the rule of law and is damned angry that a bunch of whiny, liberal sore losers
would dare deface my property in such a way.

When it was just a couple of keyboards missing the letter "W," yeah, I thought, "OK, just a prank."
Now, when I hear about all of the additional damage -- and the way that damage was meted out
(and why) -- I think of public canings and jail time, floggings and a lifelong criminal record.

Such an insult to the American people is probably fitting after eight years of demonstrable, epidemic
corruption. But most of that went largely unpunished; this time, the culprits deserve the full Monty.
We have them dead to rights.

Mr. Bush, I implore you: Go after these pinheads. I know you're an honorable guy who's probably
thinking, "I'm above all this," but for the sake of our integrity and honor, you gotta do something.

Jon E. Dougherty
Write to me.

So I did, and I was very polite.

Why do you assume the story is true?
Do you believe everything that every Bush staffer says?
If the story is true, why are there no pictures?

I thought journalists were supposed to uncover the truth.
You've taken an allegation and awarded it truth-status.
If the story is true, why hasn't someone been arrested?

Besides your hatred of Clinton,
why do you assume the story is true?


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